Configuring SMS

by Scott Dilley - CTO 04 Oct 2017

Add SMS integration to your platform to send triggers to your supporters.

Adding SMS to your platform allows you to use SMS for Triggers in addition to emails. Triggers can be sent on an action by a supporter, such as reaching their fundraising target. You can use Twilio or Burst SMS to send out your triggers.

If you'd like to use Burst SMS for your supporter journeys, more information can be found here.

This article will explain how to configure:


The first thing you need to do is jump over to and signup.

When signing up you will be asked a few questions like what product you are going to be using and what language. Just choose SMS from the product list, then choose PHP from the language list and choose SMS marketing from the “what are you building” list. To be honest it doesn’t actually matter what you choose from any of the questions.

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Purchase a Number

Once you have signed up at Twilio you will need to purchase an SMS number. From the left-hand menu in Twilio choose Phone Numbers from the Products and Services menu. Then click on the red circle to Buy a Number

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When buying a number, make sure you choose the right country in the drop-down list and also make sure you choose the SMS option.

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Configure SMS

Once you have purchased your number you will need to find your API details. If you go to your dashboard you should see your Account Summary which will contain your SID Number and Auth Token.

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To add this to your platform navigate to:

Platform Setup > General Setup > Email & SMS Settings (white central nav)

Scroll down to the SMS section > paste your Account SID and Auth Token into the fields provided > hit Save.

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Burst SMS

To signup for Burst SMS simply go to or and create an account. Once you have created an account you will need to select API from the top nav and create your API secret and copy your API key, both of which need to be added to the platform by going to:

Platform Setup > General Setup> Email and SMS (white central nav)

See the above screenshot.

Within Burst, against the field labeled Receive message callback, you will need to enter the url to our SMS listener which is

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Purchasing a Number

From the main navigation in Burst SMS choose Numbers and then you will be able to purchase a phone number.

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Now you've added your SMS details to the platform, you can set up your triggers. Check out this support article for more guidance.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.