Setting Up Translations

30 Nov 1999

With more and more events becoming international staples, there becomes a greater need to cater for international audiences.

Translations within Funraisin allow the user to select a language to translate their content to based on the options you make available for your translated content.

This support article will go over the two methods of translations:

- Standardised items and translating keys

- Site Page with versions for different languages

Let's get started!

To turn on the languages module please submit a support ticket from your site admin. With this, we can provide a document for translation keys for standardised elements of the Funraisin platform.

When the languages module is ready to use you can start adding the languages you would like to support.

Click the blue "+ New Language" button to be brought to a screen that asks for a code and language, 

The code field needs to be the Alpha 2 code shorthand for the language, you can find a list of countries and their alpha 2 code by going to platform setup > Advanced > Countries.

Enter this code and the name of the language and Save.

Translation Keys

With standard content such as labels within the registration and donation forms, these are translated by keys.