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Ticketing - Reporting

Set up reports to pull data from your online ticketed events.

This article will take you through creating reports, specific to online ticketed events.

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There are a few reports that can be used to pull data on your ticketed event.

Within your event > Ticket holders (white middle navigation) > all your ticket holders will be listed out.

At the bottom of the list is a green button with the option to Download All Tickets. This will download a csv of each ticket holder, their email, phone, shirt size, dob, gender and emergency details. This CSV template cannot be edited, and if you did not collect some of the data fields, they will pull through as blank.

Ticker Holders Report

Your Data Exports module allows you to create a more customised Ticketholders/Guests report.

This report pulls in the information collected about each ticketholder, e.g their name, email and t-shirt size. It also can populate fields about the ticket purchaser.

If your ticket holders also go on to create a fundraising page (and create a member record), then some basic information on this can be pulled into the ticketholders/guests report, such as their member ID and amount raised.

A more comprehensive overview of your fundraisers (members) can be created in a Fundraisers report as it is related to the Member record, not the ticket record. (This article explains the difference between a ticket record and a member record.)

To create a new report, navigate to Data Exports in the black left-hand navigation, and click on +New Export to begin. Give your report a name, choose Ticketholders/Guests as your data source and save. You can then make edits within your Exports Details tab to refine the data you receive. A more detailed explanation on setting up reports can be found in this support article

Similar to other reports, the data fields available are split into sections.

Let’s go through each section and the data they can pull:

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Ticketholder Info

These fields relate to the information collected on the Multi Entry step of registration about each of the ticket holders. The fields that display on this step of registration are determined when you set up your Entry Types. This information is inputted by the primary ticket purchaser about each ticket holder when they go through the registration flow.

Purchaser Info

These fields pull in the details from the member record of the ticket purchaser. If you had four guests in your report, and their tickets were all bought by the same person, then this person’s details will populate here.

Related Fundraiser Info

These fields pull in details relating to the ticketholder, if they have also created a fundraising page Fields available include their member ID, amount raised on their fundraising page and distance achieved (if a fitness event.)

Event Info

This data is related to the event the ticket holders have entered. The majority of this data can be populated within the event > General Setup.

Team Info

This team data is related to the member record of the ticket purchaser. 

Fundraisers Report

If your ticket holders are also creating a fundraising page then the data related to their fundraising efforts can be pulled into a Fundraisers report. Setting up is the same as a Guest report, however you need to choose Fundraisers as your data source. 

For more information about how to set up custom reports, please find time to book into our AU or UK training sessions held on this topic which may help guide you through this.

We have also put together a detailed support article on how to set up and customise data exports. 

If you'd like further support, please pop in a support ticket from your platform and our team will assist you.