How to convert a registration fee to a donation (for event cancellations)

by LA - Customer Success Manager 30 Nov 1999

If an event that contains an entry fee is ever cancelled, the entry fee can be converted into a donation, which is as easy as ticking a single checkbox. First off go to the entrant record in question by searching for their email address or name in the main search bar on the platform and selecting the Edit icon next to their name. From here select Events from the middle white menu, select the Edit icon next to the event with the entry fee and then select the Payments tab from the menu on the left-hand side. 

Here you will see the payment information related to the entrant during registration. In the main window next to the Entry Fee field, select the Convert to Donation checkbox. This should bring up a prompt describing what this action will do, select OK. You will now notice that under the Convert to Donation checkbox that the Send Donation Receipt is automatically selected, untick this box if you do not wish to send the entrant a Donation Receipt, then select the Save button. 

Now if you go back into the Payment tab of the Event like above, you will notice that the Entry Fee is now set to $0.00. If you close this window and go back to the Entrants Record and select Donations from the middle white menu, you will see a new donation amount matching the Entry Fee previously converted with the Date/Time field showing the date and time the conversion was made. 

Please allow 15 minutes for the donation amount to appear on the fundraiser's page on the front end.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.