Connecting Funraisin to Raiser's Edge NXT

12 Sep 2019



The Funraisin Raisers Edge integration comprises of a one-way sync from Funraisin to Raisers Edge NXT CRM that operates on a schedule. This schedule can be altered to accommodate different volumes, with common schedules being anywhere from daily, bi-daily to every 30 minutes.

As part of the standard integration you will be required to install a Raisers Edge application (See below), we can provide links for the package installation or you can provide us with access to your Raisers Edge account and we can install it on your behalf.


As records sync, de-duping will occur for all Contacts and Accounts to try to avoid duplicate records. De-duping on Contacts will check for an existing match on First name, Last name and Email address. De-duping on Accounts will check on Account name.

ID Handling

All Funraisin objects support a field known as “CRM ID” which is used to store the IDs from external data sources. As data syncs to Raisers Edge, the CRM ID for each object is stored in our own CRM ID for that object so that you are at any time able to edit an ID within your Funraisin platform.


The Funraisin > Raisers Edge sync uses the Blackbaud Sky API so each record that is synced will use at least 1 API call but often a single record will require 2-3 API calls depending on the data being synced.

A site catering for example 10,000 transactions per day could typically require up to 30,000 API calls per day.

Should an API limit be hit when syncing, the sync will retry later which depending on the schedule this could be with an hour or the next day.

Creating a Raisers Edge application

To create a Raisers Edge application you must go to the apps section of your Blackbaud developer account: This guide assumes that you have appropriate credentials to access this section.

Once inside the application section, click the "Add" button under the My Applications heading.

Fill all of the mandatory fields as shown in the form. Your Funraisin platform will require specific settings for the Application website URL and Redirect URIs:

Application website URL = the base URL of your Funraisin site. E.g.

Redirect URIs = your platforms Raisers Edge callback URL. E.g 

Note that both of these values must be https and not http.

When you save the application you will be redirected to the Raisers Edge application settings page. Note down the values for the Application ID and the Application secret:


Now that you have created your application, log in to your Raisers Edge database (this is typically within the domain and select Control Panel > applications from the top navigation.

On the applications page, select the "add application" button under the application heading.

Enter your Application ID from the previous step and select save. 

Next, log in to your Funraisn platform and navigate to /management/raisersedge/config

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Once you have created and application within Raiser's Edge and have associated it to your database, you can now configure your application within the Funraisin platform.

Please note: the Raiser's Edge module is not activated by default in most Funrasin platforms. If you cannot see the Raiser's Edge module under Integrations in your administration menu (as shown below) please contact Funraisin support and we can activate it for you.

Configuration Settings

Once your Raiser's Edge module is installed navigate to Funraisin > Integrations > Raiser's Edge (NXT) when logged in to your platform and you will be asked to configure your account. 

Step 1. Add the application ID and secret key for your application configured above:

Step 2. Add Raiser's Edge specific information

When sending records to Raiser's Edge NXT we are required to include some values which are customised to each user's installation. Some of these values do not exist by default in the Raiser's Edge system and will need to be manually created before data can start being synched.

The custom fields required are to be entered on the configuration page of your Funraisin administration account for Raiser's Edge and required the following values.

Consent Category: Used when setting Constituent Consent channels in the Raiser's Edge platform

Constituent Code: Used for the description field when setting Constituent Codes


Each financial transaction with Funraisin will be recorded within Raiser's Edge NXT as a Gift (documentation here). When a new gift is recorded it contains a gift splits object, within which a fund ID is required. Funraisin set's the following different fund ids: 

Donation Fund ID: A donation to a cause

Registration Fund ID: A registration fee paid by a member of a cause

Shop Fund ID: A purchase made through your Funraisin shop

Raffle Fund ID: A raffle ticket sale recorded by a raffle event in your Funraisin system.

Please note: The above fund ID's in the configuration section of the Raiser's Edge NXT module are globally used values for the various supported fund types on a platform wide level.

Some clients require different funds to be used for different events or donation drives, in these cases funds ID's can be overwritten in the event administration section of your Funraisin platform.

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Objects Mapping

The following  list shows how Funraisin objects are mapped to Raisers Edge NXT objects

Members map to Constituent
Member marketing opin selections map to Constituent consent
Donors map to Constituent
Donors marketing opin selections map to Constituent consent
Donors who donate to Members map to Relationship
Transactions map to Gifts
Member events map to Constituent Codes
Raffle purchasers map to Constituent
Raffle sales map to Gifts
Shop purchasers map to Constituent
Shop sales map to Gifts


Field Mapping

The below tables show the standard field mapping from Funraisin to Raisers Edge NXT.


Members, Donors, Raffle purchasers and Shop purchasers

All donors, fundraisers, raffle and shop customers sync to the Constituent object using the following mapping.

Field API Name
Title title
First name first
Last name last
Birthdate day birthdate (d)
Birthdate month birthdate (m)
Birthdate year birthdate (y)
Email address email (address)
Email type email (type)
Email primary contact email (primary)
Gender gender
Phone number phone (number)
Phone type (home/work/mobile) phone (type)
Constituent type (individual) type
Address street address (address_lines)
Address suburb address (suburb)
Address state address (state)
Address country address (country)
Address postcode address (postal_code)
Address type address (type) 

Member and Donor contact consents

All donors and fundraisers sync to the Constituent consent object using the following mapping when marketing optin data is provided.

Field API Name
Constituent ID constituent_id
Category (defined in platform settings) category
Source (always "Funraisin") source
Date consent_date
Consent statement at time of optin consent_statement
Response ("Optin" or "Optout") constituent_consent_response
Channel ("Email"/"SMS"/"Mail") channel



All donors who donate to a member have a relationship created which links the two.

Field API Name
Donor constituent ID constituent_id
Relationship type reciprocal_type
Recipient constituent ID relation_id


Registrations, event ticket sales, donations, raffles sales and merchandise sales sync to the gift object with the following mapping

Field API Name
The sub-parts making up the total transaction gift_splits
The amount of the split gift_splits (amount)
The event associated with the gift gift_splits (appeal_id)
The fund receiving the amount gift_splits (fund_id)
The combined transaction value amount
The constituents making up the total transaction soft_credits
The amount of the sub-part of the transaction soft_credits (amount)
The constituent associated with the amount soft_credits (constituent_id)
The constituents making up the total transaction fundraisers
The amount of the sub-part of the transaction fundraisers(amount)
The constituent associated with the amount fundraisers (constituent_id)
The constituent associated with the gift constituent_id
Date date
The total of the gift amount (transaction_value)
Is an anonymous gift is_anonymous
Method of paying for the gift (credit card, cash) payment_type
Post date post_date
Post status post_status
A text summery of the gift reference
The type of gift (donation, registration etc) type


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When you have your Raiser's Edge application created and associated to your database and your Funraisin platform configured above you are ready to start sending data to your Raiser's Edge NXT account.

To send data to your account you will need to have a scheduled event active on your platform to have your data start submitting. In some cases where your platform has a large amount of historical data to be synced you may need to have an initial load of data to your Raiser's Edge account to have your new data appear in a timely fashion.

When you reach this point please contact us with a support ticket and we will work with you to load your initial data and set new records to be integrated to your Raiser's Edge database on a set schedule.


For all Raisers Edge related support enquiries please pop in a support ticket in your Funraisin admin.