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Design Tips - Elevate Your Site Content

The following article provides you with some design tips from the Funraisin digital design team. Watch the video below for a more extensive discussion about these tips.

What is it?

We know creating web pages might be just one small part of your very busy job, and you need to make them look professional, quickly.

The following design tips video and the screenshots below that accompany the video are here to make your job easier and help make your web pages look professional, as well as aid in converting traffic to registrations and donations.

Who is it most useful for?

If you are setting up a page on your website, knowing these design tips would be a good start.

What are the benefits?

Once you get the hang of these simple design principles, you'll find your pages lifted to the next level with less time and effort.


  1. Resize images using Canva, Mac Preview, or a similar free tool.

  2. Make sure header and content images are no more than 1MB (see this article on header and dollar handle image sizes).

  3. Always use JPG file type of photographs and complex images.

  4. Use PNG file type for logos and icons only.

  5. When uploading logos and icons, ensure the file is a PNG on a transparent background.


You can update your heading and font sizes using your pre-loaded brand styling template. Just edit the content block; and on your text editor, you can select different headers from the Formats dropdown.

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Create clean white space on the page by adding spacing and padding to content rows and blocks.

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Keep call to action buttons the same text and colour throughout the landing page for appeals and content pages

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More tips and examples of these are available here.

If you’d like further help, please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin, admin and our team will assist you.