Encourage your supporters to donate their birthday, do a hike, get active, donate their wedding and anything else you feel is relevant to your cause.

You can create as many community fundraising / DIY fundraising categories or themes as needed. These options make the decision making a little easier for your supporters by prompting them to fundraise however best suits them.

When creating a new community fundraising category you can control the look and feel of the registration flow, customise the default copy and imagery which fundraisers can share to their social networks, enable goals and teams, and much more.  Lets take an example of donating your birthday – so fundraisers can choose to collect donations for you instead  of birthday gifts.

Step by Step Process

Head to FUNDRAISING -> DIY Fundraising to view all the categories you currently have setup.

Hit the blue Add Category button to create a new category or click the edit icon next to each category to edit that.


You’ll now see 5 tabs when editing a category. First off Settings allows you to specific the category name (when creating custom reports, or syncing your data to one of the 3rd party apps we connect with such as Mailchimp. This category name will be what you select to push fundraiser data for that category), select the Page Used which will pull in the hero masthead image into the registration flow header for you) and apply a Category URL so that if you ever want to create multiple DIY themes within the single category then you’re able to create category landing pages and automatically pull in those theme using an Events Row within your Pages module.

Fundraising Page

Click into the Fundraising Page tab to edit the Donation Form Title (this is what appears above the Sponsored Donation panel on fundraisers profile pages), set the Default Target (you can choose to display or not display default targets for your themes – for example, you may not wish to display a target for an In Memory fundraiser),  and set the Default Title and Default Message to appear for the fundraisers page.

Create Account Options

These are field options you can choose to set as defaults for the category, including Personal Details, Address Details, Organisation Details and a Waiver. The DIY Waiver is set within Platform Setup -> Fundraising Options  -> DIY Fundraising Options and can simply be enabled or disabled for each DIY category.

Create Page Options

The Create Page Options  allows you to turn on or off elements for the fundraisers page to best suit your DIY category such as Fundrising Details (goals and dollar handles – you can create specific dollar handles for each category), Page Details (default Blog, profile pic and cover image), Event Details (if you’d like fundraisers to be able to specify a location and date/time when creating their event ), Fitness Details (if you’d like fundraisers to be able to connect up one of the supported fitness apps such as Fitbit, Strava, and Mapmyfitness, or manually enter distances from their login area) and finally In Memory Options (which turns on additional fields including the name the fundraiser wishes to fundraise In Memory for).

Team Page

The Team Page allows you to enable or disable the ability for fundraisers to create a team as part of their registration flow or from within their login area after registering.

Event Entry Forms - for Pulic Events where people are joining the event to fundraise

To capture data for those people who want to join the event you need to set up an Entry Form - you'll find this option in the white navigation area. The entry form here works in the same way as they do for online events - you select the fields you want to capture in each step.


What the Fundraiser Will See – Manage Events

Lets take a look at what the fundraiser experiences after creating their example Birthday event. After logging in the fundraiser can choose which event they want to manage (if they’re in more than one event they will be presented with all their current event options).

Clicking into the Birthday Example, the fundraiser has all the options associated with a standard Online Event such as Get Support, Donations, and Event Page Settings.

The Result – A Fundraising Page to Share with Family and Friends

Now lets take a look at public facing event page for the fundraiser where you can see their page is styled up and contains copy you have specific for this DIY category.


If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.