Facebook One-Click Acquisition

Released in early 2022, the Facebook one-click acquisition feature is part of our Facebook Fundraising module which is available for all Funraisin sites simply by logging a support ticket and requesting access.

It is designed to offer a much more streamlined process of acquiring fundraisers for your online events or diy fundraising by removing any obstacles that can be experienced with standard registration journeys.

How it Works

Designed to work within facebook itself, when someone sees a facebook ad or post inviting them to take part in your event or setup a fundraising page, usually they would be directed to your site to either a landing page or through to a registration journey where they are asked to signup by creating an account and then completing all the steps you have created for them to be able to register in to your event.

With One-Click Aquisition they will still click through to your site from an ad or social post, however what they see will be a page that looks like it is part of the facebook ecosystem itself and with a single click of the continue button they will be registered in your event with an active fundraising page.

Once the fundraiser has clicked through and accepted the facebook permissions and created a page you can then choose what they can do next by controlling the destination of where they land.

You might choose to just send them straight to their fundraising page (either in Facebook or Funraisin) or you might choose to send them to a custom thank you page where you can ask them for more information.

Either way, with a single click they will have been signed up to your event and will have recieved a confirmation email with all the details they need to carry on fundraising.


As with everything there are some limitations to consider when using this feature, the main one being around data capture.

For many online events there are often many steps to registering depending on what information you are wanting to capture, for example your event might be team based where it is mandatory to be part of a team, or you might have an entry fee, so naturally this type of acquisition isn't ideal for every scenario.

Having said that, it is always possible to make up for the initial lack of data later on, after they have registered.

Getting Set Up

This new feature is of course like all Funraisin features, free to use at any time however there are a couple of things that need to be in place first before you can make use of it.

We will need to configure your site's Facebook app to be compatible with Facebook Login so the best thing to do is to just log a ticket from within your platform and ask us to take care of this for you.

Once that is all done you can start to enable One-Click for specific online events or DIY themes using the guide below.

Enabling One-Click for an Online Event

To use One-Click Acquisition for an existing online event simply login to Funraisin and navigate to Events from the left nav and then find and edit the event you want to enable it on.

Choose "Facebook Fundraising" from the middle nav. Once you enable the option for Facebook Fundraising you will see all the options available for managing One-Click for this event.

One-Click Acquisition Settings

The first screen will show you settings relating to how you want the one-click acquisition to work. In this area you can decide whether the person will get a Funraisin fundraising page or not and (if enabled) whether they will get a Facebook fundraising page or not. Both are optional.

You can then choose the destination for the end user, do you want them to land on their fundraising page on your site like you do often for traditional registrations? Or you might want to send them to a custom thank you page that has some information on what to do next, or you might want to send then through an actual registration journey so they can complete other steps such as creating a team or making a personal donation.

Facebook Page Settings

If you have been approved to access the Facebook Fundraising API then you will also be able to control settings. These are the settings that control what appears in Facebook itself when someone creates a Facebook Fundraising page.

For online events you will want to control the fundraiser name, fundraising target, description but also more importantly when it expires so it co-incides with your actual event.

Recognising Facebook Fundraisers

Anyone that signs up via the one-click link will automatically have a member type of "facebook" so you can easily segment them from other fundraisers.

Additionally, when viewing a fundraisers record in the admin, if they have a connected Facebook page then you will see a link to this allowing you to click through to view their page in Facebook.