Add a custom event navigation

28 Jun 2019

By adding custom navigation for an event, you can override the default platform navigation.

Set up custom navigation for your event by going into the Events module and editing the relevant event. Under Online Event Options, scroll down to Advanced Options, select this, and then click Custom Navigation.

Click the tick box next to Enable a custom nav for your event. Scroll down to Primary Navigation > Add Navigation Option. Select which nav type you want to use (Primary Navigation is the default) and then enter your information.

For information on nav types and how to create your nav, read this article.

Add a custom logo

In custom navigation, you can also add a custom event logo and link this to the homepage of your event. By doing this, people will not be able to use the logo to navigate back to the landing page of your site.

You should upload the logo as a png or jpg.

You may want to add a custom logo if:

  • Your event has specific branding which the logo reinforces
  • The event will attract participants interested primarily in that event (not your site landing page or the wider charity)
  • You will be marketing one of your custom nav pages as the event landing page, so want the custom logo to reinforce the event’s distinctive experience

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.