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Bib numbers are a great way to give your event participants quick shorthand individual reference numbers. In Funraisin, we can help you generate a set of bib numbers automatically as entrants sign up to your event.

Enabling Bibs on an Event

Lets enable bibs to be automatically generated on our event. Head to the events module and click the edit button (Pad and pen icon) for your online event. In the white middle navigation of your event, click on the “Entries & Fees” option.

Towards the top of the page you will see a series of tabs, click on the bibs tab. You will see a checkbox to enable bibs. Check this option to now have the ability to edit other options. 

Bib Prefix: If you have used receipt prefixes then you will be familiar with this process. Enter what you would like to be the prefix for your bibs, for example, if we have a marathon event and we want all of the bibs to be MARA followed by a number (so it would end up being MARA1 as an example), we would enter MARA. This is not applied directly to the bib numbers but can be appended to the bib number in a data export.

Bib Colour: This is a way to add a little more distinction to your bibs if you are using more than one event in the platform for a singular campaign. You can change this setting per event.

Starting number: Bib numbers will generate from 1 and increment by 1 for everyone given a bib, you may want to have a set starting point for bib numbers for different events. You can use this to help set the correct starting point to generate the bib numbers.

When you have edited all of the necessary settings, click save and new sign ups will start generating bib numbers.

Setting up Bibs for your online event

How bib numbers are allocated

Bib numbers are generated automatically based on the starting number set on the event, if no start number is set, the first bib number will be 1 and every new bib number given will increase by one.

The only exception to this is if someone is invited into a team. Let's say we have 4 team members:

  • Bob, the team captain
  • Jane
  • Sasha
  • Greg

If the event Bob is signing up for uses the multi entry functions within Funraisin, all members will adopt the captains bib number, followed by a “-” and a corresponding number to indicate their number within the team.

When Bob goes through the registration, the base bib number will be generated as normal, for example Bob is given a base bib number of 438. As he is inviting team members, he will be given 438-1.

Jane will be given 438-2. Sasha, 438-3 and Greg, 438-4 and so on for everyone invited during Bob’s registration.

Resetting bib numbers

Within Funraisin there are tools to edit and reset bib numbers. We encourage resetting bib numbers once registrations have been closed to ensure all applicable individuals are given a bib number. 

When editing your event, expand the “Advanced Options” within the white middle navigation. In the list of advanced options is a section called “Bibs”, click on this to see a page that lists all individuals and their given bib number.

On the top right of the page will be a more options button. “Delete all” and “Reset bibs”.

Delete all will remove everyone’s bib numbers within the event.

Reset all will remove all original bib numbers and give bib numbers to all possible entrants within the event. This can move people from their original bib numbers, if someone was added to the event beforehand, but not given a bib number.

Bib settings on Waves

Within a wave there are also settings for bibs that override the event settings. Within a wave there is a bib colour option and bib start number. 

These behave similar to the event based bib settings, the start number on the wave will help dictate the start point for those signing up to a specific wave within the same event. It is best to use this start number on a wave with the limit on the number of wave entries as for example we have 2 waves.

Wave A: Set for 9am, this wave has a start number of 100, but a limit of 300 members.

Wave B: Set for 11am, this wave has a start number of 150.

If wave A exceeds 50 members, it will start generating numbers intended for Wave B. 

Instead, set your bibs to accomodate the maximum number of entries permitted in that wave.

Wave A: Set for 9am, this wave has a start number of 100, but a limit of 300 members

Wave B: Set for 11am, set this start number to 400 so that there is no crossover. 

You now have learnt all there is to bibs within Funraisin to enhance your online events.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.