Supporting your participants on their fundraising journey with helpful downloadable assets can make a real difference to their level of engagement and ability to fundraise.

When you want to provide fundraising tools, tips, documents, or images for your participants to use, you can use the Assets Module to store files and track downloads.

Here are some of the best examples we’ve seen used on the platform:

Sporting and Activity Events

  • Training tips documents and nutritional guides help participants perform at their best and reach their goals (usually a pdf)
  • Ready sized and branded social media images with compelling messaging, ready to be shared on all social media channels by the fundraiser
  • Certificate of Appreciation to give to sponsors (pdf format works best)

Signature Fundraising Events

  • A4 Posters to put up in workplaces gathering support for the event and colleagues participating (pdf format is best)
  • Email signature images for fundraisers to add to their work or personal emails to share with every email they send, linking back to their fundraising page (jpg format)
  • Templates of email text to send to friends, families, and colleagues – sometimes the thought of having to come up with something to say is enough to stop fundraisers before they start – templates remove this from the equation (Word doc is best)

Platform Requirements for Asset Downloads

Once you’ve created your fundraising resources you’ll need to upload them to the platform to display them on your site.

To begin you’ll need your resource in the correct format you want it to be downloaded by your participant, and a thumbnail image in a jpg format as a placeholder on your web page.

How assets look on your site

You can also add a short description to show beneath the asset title on your site.

Creating a New Asset

Once you’ve opened the Assets module from the main navigation you can then create a new asset. You will need to give your asset a title (this will be displayed on your site) and then either assign it to a particular event or mark it as available to all events.

Asset File

The Asset File upload is the full file that you want the participant to download. A PDF, or Word doc, or image files such as png or jpg are supported here.

Asset Thumbnail

The Assets Thumbnail will give you a visual representation of the asset on your site. The VIEW button will show below this and the title of your asset.

NOTE: Thumbnails are best kept small and in JPG format. As a guide, the thumbnail for an A4 poster or a Word doc, or logo should be about 250 pixels wide (let your image program set the height as a constrained proportion to keep the image in the correct ratio) when uploaded.

Tracking Downloads

Assets downloads are tracked by the platform. Tracking is shown as Asset Stats in both the Browse Assets area and the individual Asset Details area.

Asset Category

You can also add an Asset Category in the Asset Details. If you do this you can also start to build up a picture of what type of category of assets your supporters are most interested in.

Adding your assets to your page

Once you've uploaded your assets you can add them to any page by adding an assets block to your content. You can then edit the block and select what assets you would like to show. This allows you to display different assets across different pages whilst managing them from one place within the admin.