Changing Sponsored Personal Donation Amounts

by LA - Customer Success Manager 16 May 2017

Dollar Handle Types

Dollar handles can be changed for all donation types (sponsored donations, personal donations, in memory, one-off, and regular giving).

Sponsored and Personal Donations

To edit your site default Sponsored Donations and Personal Donations, head to Platform Setup -> Donation Defaults. Your view will default to Sponsored Donations and here‘s where you build up your dollar handles specific to a sponsored donation. Click the edit icon on the right of each dollar handle to change the amount, description, and description/impact text. If uploading images to be used for each dollar handles, they should be a consistent size, JPG format, and square.

You can drag and drop your dollar handles to order as you wish. And you can also change the Sponsored and Personal Donation amounts for desktop and mobile if needed.

Changing dollar handles


Here’s how these sponsored donations appear on the default fundraiser profile layout:

Profile example


Event-specific dollar handles

If you would like to adjust the donation defaults across an event you can do this by going to > Events module > Open event settings by clicking the edit icon associated with your event > Open Donation Defaults in the white middle navigation, then in the Custom Dollarhandles tab click enable custom dollar handles and set all your defaults up using the same above examples.

One-off, in memory and regular giving

One-off, in memory, and regular giving donations are handled in your Pages module. You can create as many donation pages as you need for your seasonal appeals, always-on donation pages, and more.

Head to pages, add a New Page and then select the Donation Template. Continue on as you normally would with setting up your page with all the elements and styling you'd like (the header image, SEO metadata, the content itself which can appear above the donation form, etc).

As you’re using a Donation Template, you’ll now see the Donation Settings option in your middle navigation. Click this and you’ll see all the options within a donation page. You can turn on One-Off, Recurring Donations, and Paypal by going into the payment settings tab (if you’ve connected up to your Paypal account), or any combination of these.

Within your Donation Settings section you can customise the dollar handles, form options, confirmation page, thank you email, and choose your preferred layout option.


Donation page settings

Dollar Handles

Editing your dollar handles is done the same as through your platform level Sponsored and Personal Donations. Add the amount, description (optional) and image (optional).

Form Options

Here’s where you can turn on and off data capture fields for each donation page you create, turn on the default In Memory fields, or even add new fields by inserting a web form you’ve created. If inserting a web form, the fields in your web form will appear as the last fields on the donation form above the submit button. Please note, web-forms are not supported on all donation layouts.

Form options

Confirmation Page

Your Confirmation Page allows you to either redirect a donor to a specific page after they make their donation or you can choose to simply display a specific confirmation page copy on the default donation confirmation page template (in this case the header image and header copy will default to the specific donation page you are using). Edit your confirmation page copy easily using the editor on this tab.

Confirmation page

Confirmation Email

Here’s where you can customise the thank you email donors will receive specific to the donation page they made their donation on. For example, if you’re creating an end of financial year appeal, you may wish to style the email template and/or use a specific copy relating to the end financial year appeal in the confirmation email the donor receives. Chose the template you’d like to use and then edit the copy through the editor – remembering to use the personalisation tags as needed such as sponsor name and sponsor amount to personalise the email.

Confirmation Email

Layout Options

Layout Options allows you to choose from the various donation template layouts we have available.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.