Enabling Paypal for Regular Giving

by LA - Customer Success Manager 30 Nov 1999

Regular giving is now supported through Paypal

You may have been already accepting Regular Giving donations via Stripe for credit card based donations and now you have the option to start accepting PayPal based regular donations also.

Where in the Funraisin platform to manage regulr giving donors:

Donations >> Scheduled Donations

How to enable this new option

  1. The API used to facilitate regular giving via Paypal is a by request only feature so to apply for this the client simply needs an active Paypal business account and then please email Rishad Irani at Paypal  rirani@paypal.com
    requesting to have the Funraisin Regular Giving feature enabled on your account
  2. Add in the new API credentials - once approved by Paypal, clients can lodge a support ticket in their Funraisin admin to send us their new API credentials for us to update for them
  3. Once in place, admins will be able to simply enable regular giving on any of your donation or crowdfunding pages and the donor will be able to choose from either donating via Credit card or Paypal

Example where this is already in place