Within Platform Setup –> Tracking & Analytics –> Global Tracking Codes you’re able to add your tracking code from any number of sources.

By default, Funraisin has areas for you to add in your tracking codes for:

  • Google Analytics/GTag
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Autopilot

In addition to these options, you’re able to add in other tracking code into the Other section.

Google Analytics

To be used if Google Tag Manager isn't being used - we have instructions if you are using Google Tag Manager (check out this article).
Expand the Google Analytics option and paste in the code into the area highlighted and select Save. Data typically takes 12-24 hours to begin showing in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Google Tag Manager

Expand the Google Tag Manager option and paste in the code and select Save. We have an article on how to set up Google Tag Manager (check out this article). Data typically takes 12-24 hours to begin showing in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Facebook Pixel

To insert your Facebook Pixel tracking site-wide, you’ll first have to log in to your Facebook Ads Manager account and create your pixel. Here’s the implementation guide from Facebook.

When done, open the Facebook Pixel option and paste in the code.


If you’re conducting marketing automation and using Autopilot, we have a dedicated tracking tab for you to use. To find your website tracking code within Autopilot check out this article.

Expand the Autopilot option and paste in the snippet taken from your Autopilot account, and select Save. You’ll now be able to watch how visitors go from being anonymous to being known.

Other Tracking Options

If you’re using any other bespoke tools that you would like site-wide data sent to, use the Other Tracking Options tab and paste your code in there. You have the option of having your code appear within the Header tag, after the opening Body tag or in the footer. If in doubt, we’d suggest using the ‘after the opening body’ tag.



If you’re using e-commerce tracking, we have a few methods to choose from: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and GTag.

By default, Tag Manager uses the data layer method, which pushes the e-commerce data onto the data layer code of your site. If your organisation would prefer to use the Google Tag Manager Custom JavaScript method, please submit a support ticket from within your admin and we’ll get this set up for you.

Tracking Code on Pages

You can insert page specific tracking code in Pages module –> [the page you want to track] –> Advanced Options –> Tracking Code.