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Enabling Split Billing

In a similar way that AfterPay works, you can now enable Split Billing for any of your online events.

Split billing is a payment feature that allows you to spread entry fees into multiple payments with the repayment amounts and frequencies decided on by you. This can reduce the chances of incomplete registrations for events with significant entry fees, and make them more accessible by spreading the cost.

Please note, this is currently not available for UK and EU sites.

Enabling Split Billing

To enable split billing for any of your online events, simply log in to your platform and navigate to:

Events > Edit the event you want to enable it on > Entries and Fees from the middle white nav and scroll down to the payment section and enable it.

Once enabled, choose a payment schedule. Choose between "Percentage Based", "Fixed fee" or  "No Schedule" for the schedule type and then enter in the number of payments that you want the entry fee to be split across and the frequency to be billed at. e.g. 4 x weekly payments.

Below are the scheduling options in more detail.


Percentage Based Payments

Percentage based payments are simply where the entry fee is divided up into equal parts and the entrant is charged according to the frequency set. For example, an entry fee of $1000 with 4 x monthly percentage payments will become 4 x monthly payments of $250.

Fixed Fee Payments

Fixed fee payments allow you to specify your own amounts rather than have it split equally, so an example is that you might want to charge a premium for split billing, in which case you could set it to 4 x monthly payments of $260 totalling $1040.

No Schedule

This allows you to still capture the entrant's payment details but it doesn't automatically set them up into a payment schedule. This option is best used if you want to manually control payment schedules for specific users.

A note on Personal Donations

If an entrant chooses to make a personal donation during their registration then that will simply be paid for during the first instalment. So if I were to signup to 4 x monthly payments of $250 and I choose to make a personal donation of $50, my first payment will be for $300 and then the 3 remaining payments will be $250


If set to mandatory, then everyone who signs up will have to pay using the payment schedule.

If not mandatory, then the entrant can decide on the payment step if they'd like to pay the entire registration fee or commit to a payment plan.

Tax Receipting

Each scheduled payment will generate its own unique tax receipt which will be emailed to the entrant in PDF format.

You will need to enable the email Receipt to Scheduled Entrant. To edit and enable this email, navigate to:

Platform Setup > Automated Emails.  

Viewing Scheduled Payments

You can access all scheduled payments by navigating to:

Entrants > Scheduled Billing.

This will show you who is scheduled to be billed, the # of transactions so far, and if any errors have occurred.

Clicking on the edit icon will allow you to access the specific payment schedule and make any changes.

Pausing or Editing a Schedule

Just like with regular giving, you can pause, edit or completely delete a scheduled payment at any time.

Simply edit the scheduled payment and choose from the options provided. You can edit any of the following settings:

  • Amount to be billed
  • Frequency of payments
  • Date of week/month of each payment
  • Number of payments
  • Starting date

As well as just pausing it or removing it completely.

Completed Schedules

Once a payment schedule has been completed it will be marked as archived and no more payments will be taken, unless it is re-activated manually.

Manually creating a Scheduled Payment

You can manually create a payment schedule at any time simply by choosing "New Scheduled Payment" from the middle nav when in the Entrants module. This will allow you to select from any of your entrants that have had their payment details captured (by enabling split billing).

Choose the entrant and the event and then enter the payment amount, payment frequency, number of payments, the date of the week or month the payment is to be taken and then lastly choose a start date for the schedule to commence from. Hit save and your schedule has been created.

Payment Errors

If any errors are encountered with any of the payment attempts then they will be stored against the payment schedule with a description of the error that was encountered, such as expired card, insufficient funds, etc.

All payment failures will be automatically retried 2 days after the failure and if another error is encountered then that payment will be retried on the next scheduled attempt. You can manually retry any payment attempt by editing the payment schedule, going into the errors tab, and retrying the error.

If you’d like further assistance, reach out to us in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.