Set Up and Sell Raffle Tickets on Funraisin

by LA - Customer Success Manager 06 Jun 2018

Raffles have become a mainstay for many nonprofits’ fundraising. Often combined with a gala or other big event, raffles are accessible and fun. In a tight economy, attendees might hesitate to bid on a big auction item, but almost everyone can afford a raffle ticket. While everyone likes a nonprofit raffle, many nonprofits don’t realise the reporting that raffles require. So before conducting your raffle, ensure you’ll be complying with regulations in your local jurisdiction.

Running a raffle ticket on your Funraisin platform is simple to set up but gives you advanced editing control. With Funraisin raffles you’re in control of:

  • Your ticket options: Create as many raffle ticket options as you like. For example, 1 ticket for $10, 2 tickets for $18, 20 tickets for $150, and so on.
  • The design of your raffle ticket: many jurisdictions require any online raffle ticket to have a consistent design as those raffle tickets you may be selling offline or face to face.
  • The sequential numbering of tickets themselves: Again, think about the consistency of the raffle ticket numbers you sell online and offline. Whatever the last number was for your offline raffle tickets, start from that number with your online raffle ticket numbers.
  • The on-page design and content of the raffle ticket page itself.

As always, if you intend to use the data captured for future communication purposes outside of advising purchasers whether they’re a winner or not, you’ll need to ensure you’ve outlined this and asked for explicit consent.

This article provides an overview of setting up your raffles with Funraisin. As always, drop us a line anytime from the inbuilt support module in your platform and we can help you out with your setup!

Ok let’s get started… here’s the overview:

  • Purchaser data collected and uploaded directly to your marketing automation platform and CRM
  • Data can be exported through custom reports in CSV format
  • Seamlessly run raffles in conjunction with your other events
  • No income lost in platform processing fees
  • All of your data in the one place

Your Raffle Ticket Homepage


Raffle Ticket Set-up

Step 1: Create a new raffle


Step 2: General set-up

The raffle name will appear as a line item on the receipt with how many tickets they have purchased.


Step 3: Upload raffle ticket image

Raffle ticket size is 800px by 400px in jpg format with white space at the top left for the ticket number.


Step 4: Ticket packages and prices

If you have set your ticket price at $10, you may want to offer packages that give people more chances to win, eg: 6 tickets for $50 instead of charging the full $60.

Creating your ticket package requires a price, description, and the number of tickets assigned to the package.



Step 5: Setting up the Raffle Ticket homepage

Front-end view


Admin view


Step 6: Confirmation page and email


Raffle receipts, tickets, and draws

Each purchase of raffle tickets produces a receipt that is emailed to the supporter, and following the receipt is a page with their raffle tickets printed. Each raffle ticket has its number printed in the top left.

From these numbers, you can organise either a physical draw of the raffle or for larger prizes you could enlist a raffle draw provider to scrutinise the draw. Check the raffle ticketing regulations in your local jurisdiction when running and drawing your raffle winners. Funraisin cannot provide advice on the regulations governing raffles.

Closing off your Raffle

Automated – add a Raffle Expiry date and time to the admin to make sure you raffle cuts off at exactly the right time.

You can also set a Raffle Closed Message here for visitors to see once the raffle has been close either using this automated method or by using the manual method below.

– You can close off a raffle while still keeping the page live by changing the Entry Status to – Closed

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.