Connecting to Stripe

30 Nov 1999

When you first set up your platform, or if you’re setting up another platform, you will need to connect up to Stripe in order to process payments.

Firstly, ensure you are logged into your Stripe account.

Once logged into Stripe, navigate back to your Funrasin platform and log in.

Back in Stripe, navigate to:

Developers (top right corner) > API Keys (left-hand navigation)

You have four keys you need to copy and paste into your Funraisin platform.

  • Test secret key
  • Test publishable key
  • Live secret key
  • Live publishable key

In Funraisin, navigate to:

Platform Setup > Payment Settings


Scroll down to Payment Gateway.

Paste in the four keys.

Once done, click Save.

Click to expand

Back in the platform, on the same page, scroll to the top and click Connect to Stripe.

Once clicked, go into Stripe, and you will receive a popup and will need to click Connect.

Click to expand

Now you have Stripe connected, you can test by making a small donation on your platform, either on a donation/crowdfunding page or fundraisers page.

If this is successful, then you are all connected up.

Make sure you check the test donation is also in Stripe.