Live Streaming

by Scott Dilley - CTO 01 Apr 2020

Provide alternatives to physical fundraising and encourage your supporters to stream their activity globally to their friends, family, and supporters, using platforms such as Youtube, Zoom, and Twitch.

Adding live streaming to fundraisers' pages provides an alternative to physical fundraising where fundraisers can stream their activities live to potential donors. It allows your fundraisers' to reach their supporters all over the globe and not be constricted to one physical location. 

By enabling within an event, live streaming is optional for entrants so they can choose if it's something they'd like to explore.

We have a further Support article on live streaming here.

How it works

Live streaming provides the ability for fundraisers to embed video players on their fundraising pages and then stream live video direct to it from other services such as their smartphone, their computer, gaming platforms like PS4, etc

These video streams can be viewed directly on their fundraising pages by friends and family members, allowing for direct interaction between the fundraiser and visitors.

The two main platforms for live streaming are Twitch, and YouTube so fundraisers must sign up for one of these services to be able to live stream.

To record the video itself there are a few different applications available such as StreamLabs for iPhone and Android phones and OBS for desktops and laptop computers. Also, a range of video game consoles supports live streaming out of the box.

How to enable live streaming

Online Events

Live streaming can be enabled within an event by navigating to:

Fundraising Options > Streaming (tab along the top)

DIY Themes

For DIY pages this can be enabled by editing the DIY theme and selecting Live Streaming under the Create Page tab. Live streaming will then be an option for anyone registering within that theme.

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Once enabled, Live Streaming options will appear nwithin the entrant's logged in dashboard. Under Edit my Page, they'll be able to enable streaming and add in their chosen streaming service and username.

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URL Formats

When live streaming is in use, each streaming platform requires a different format in the username field.


For Twitch users, head to their account and copy the username in the URL and paste it into the username field.

For example you would just need to enter drlupo into the username field


For YouTube users, you will need the URL of their account/YouTube channel that includes /channel/ followed by a random string of characters

For ABC News Australia as an example, their channel URL is you would just take the UCVgO39Bk5sMo66-6o6Spn6Q part of the URL and paste that as the username.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.