Gift Aid Claim

14 Sep 2023

All UK-based charities now have the ability to manage the claim of Gift Aid for eligible donations via their Funraisin platform.

Funraisin will submit the claim to HMRC and if successful, the Gift Aid claim amount will be paid directly to the charity.

Gift Aid allows you to claim an extra 25% on all eligible donations, maximising your fundraising efforts.

Note: Gift Aid claims managed through your platform are only for donations made on your platform.

Funraisin Fees

Funraisin charges a fee of 4.75% for each claim, and this is based on the Gift Aid amount.

For example, with a donation of £10, 4.75% is on the £2.50 eligible amount for Gift Aid. This fee is to provide and maintain the platform services of automatically reclaiming the Gift Aid on the charity's behalf. The fee will be invoiced at the end of the month for that month's period. Normal settlement terms apply which are 30 days after the invoice date.

Alternatively, charities can manage the claim themselves. This support article provides guidance on reporting on Gift Aid eligible donations.

Eligibility requirements

Your charity or CASC will need to:

If you do not have an online account with HMRC, you’ll need to register and enroll here. This can take 4-6 weeks and you’ll need the following information:

  • Postcode
  • HMRC reference (up to 5 numbers, starts with 1 or 2 letters)
  • Customer account number (add a zero to the start if it’s 9 digits) or the last 4 digits of your bank account number.

Setting up on Funraisin

Firstly, as a charity, you will need to add Funraisin as an agent with a CHV1 form which can be completed online or by post.

Details on how to access and complete this form can be found here on

Once submitted, reach out to the Funraisin team as we will need to enable the Gift Aid module on your platform. Once you have submitted the form, been approved, and set up the below on Funraisin, the sync will be automatic.

The Gift Aid module can be accessed by navigating to:

Platform Setup > General > Gift Aid

In this section, you’ll need to populate two sections.

Charity Details:

  • Charity ID
  • Charity Name
  • Charity Rego
  • Charity Regulator

Contact Details:

  • Contact ID
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password
  • Phone
  • Postcode

Capturing mandatory addresses

To claim Gift Aid on donations, it is imperative that you collect the addresses of your donors. Therefore you need to ensure the address field is mandatory in three potential places:

Donation Pages:

Edit the donation page donation settings. Within form options, ensure address is ticked to display and is set to mandatory. Once done, save and publish.

Registration Forms:

If the optional donation is enabled within a registration form, then edit that registration form, and within the Create Account step, ensure address fields are ticked to display and set to mandatory.

Fundraising Pages:

To enable at platform level and apply to all fundraising pages, navigate to:

Platform Setup > Donation Defaults > Sponsored Donations > Form Options

Ensure address is set to display and mandatory for individual and team pages.

To enable at event level, navigate to:

Edit the event > Donation Defaults (white nav) > Form options > Individual/Team Pages

Ensure address is set to display and mandatory for individual and team pages.

Reporting on claims

Claim data is stored in our database and we can generate a report based on client requirements. We currently store the following information:

  • Claim ID (Unique)
  • Claim date
  • Claim status - Processed/Pending
  • Claim distribution
    • Total Claimed
    • Gift Aid component
    • Funraisin fees
  • List of donations relating to this claim
  • Gift Aid server responses (Admin/Dev)

If a donation has been unsuccessful in its Gift Aid reclaim, then this will report as ‘Processed’.

Funraisin does not receive confirmation of whether a processed claim has been successful or not. To access this information, log into your Charities Online Account where you’ll have further reporting options. The 4.75% Funraisin fee will be charged, regardless of if the claim is successful or not.

To know which donations on your platform have opted into Gift Aid, you can add a Gift Aid Y/N column to your Donation reports. More information on this can be found in this support article.

Payouts & Frequency

Funraisin submits claims and syncs Gift Aid data with HMRC Charities Online monthly. These claims made via Charities Online are normally paid within 20 working days of HMRC receiving the claim. HMRC will send you a written confirmation that a payment has been made into your bank account.

For successful Gift Aid claims, money will be paid directly into the account specified within the HMRC Charity Online account

Displaying GA on Fundraising pages & totalisers

If you are having donors opt into Gift Aid, regardless of whether you are claiming via Funriaisn, this will display on fundraising pages.

Fundraising pages will display the amount donated, and then how much additional could be collected in Gift Aid from those that have opted in.

For totalisers, these do not by default add in the Gift Aid amount. If you would like the amount to be inclusive of GA, similar to the example below, please pop in a support ticket for the team to review. 


Why do I need to complete a CHV1 form and what is a “Nominee and Collection Agency”?

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A nominee is an individual or organisation outside your charity that you authorise to submit Gift Aid (or other tax repayment) claims on your behalf.

If the platform is multi-currency, containing both GBP and EUR events/donations, how is this treated?

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If a donor is from Europe, they would not tick the box unless they are a UK taxpayer, if they did by mistake, this claim would not be approved.

For further support on Gift Aid, please contact your Project Manager or pop a support ticket in via your platform.

Last updated: September 2023