Converting a registration fee to a donation

30 Nov 1999

Situations of Use

A situation that might arise from time to time, is the need to convert a registration fee to a donation. There could be different reasons for this. For instance, an entrant who has previously registered for an event might have decided to withdraw his registration and would like to donate the registration fee instead. Another example could be an entrant who has paid the registration fee/entry fee for multiple people but one or more of the people who have been registered don’t want to attend the event. As a result, the entrant wants to convert their registration fee payments to personal donations.

An entry fee can be easily converted to a donation. In order to convert the entry fee to a donation, edit the entrant, then click Edit this event.

Converting the donation

From the side menu, click Payment and tick the Convert to donation checkbox, a pop-up will appear.

The message in the pop-up explains that converting an entry fee to a donation will create a separate donation record linked to the same entrant who has paid the entry fee. This will also remove the entry fee record. However, the transaction itself will not change, nor will any refund be given.

This means the registration fee will be converted to the donation but the transaction which has occurred for the registration fee payment won’t be reverted/removed. Also, no refund will be made once the registration fee is converted to a donation.

Click OK to proceed.

Resending Donation Receipt

You will now see a checkbox beside the entry fee amount for sending the donation fee receipt. If you want the donation receipt to be sent, leave the checkbox ticked and click Save. It will send the Receipt to Sponsor automated email with the donation receipt attached to it. You can untick the checkbox if you don’t want to send the donation receipt as an email attachment to the entrant/donor.

Confirming Payment

If we edit the entrant and click the Payment button, you will notice there is still a registration record for this entrant registration payment. This confirms that the payment transaction for the registration has remained unchanged despite converting the registration payment to a donation.

Finding the Donation

If you head to the entrant's donation section, you will be able to see a new personal donation record with an equal amount as the entry fee. This is the original entry fee which has been converted to a new donation record.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.