Webforms allow you to create unlimited forms and have them embedded on any page within your website. You can also have them embedded within a registration flow for an event, to capture any specific information that isn’t part of the standard registration forms. Often used for lead generation sometimes you might also want to trigger an email to be sent to a specific address after submitting the form.

Confirmation emails can be setup quickly and easily, they can look however you like, they don’t just have to be plain text emails and they can also contain any personalisation from any of the captured form data.

Follow these easy steps to add a confirmation to your webform.

Creating the confirmation email

When creating or editing your webform, simply jump into the “Confirmation” section from the side nav options. This is where you can provide thank you messaging to your users and setup the confirmation email.

Simply tick the “Have an automated email sent out to the user” checkbox and you will then see the available options for defining your email content.

All automated emails in Funraisin allow you to have unlimited templates, with the default template being a plain text email. If you would like to use something more specific such as a campaign email that you have used in the past or a purpose built HTML email, simply jump across into Funraisin > Platform Setup  > Email templates using the link provided and add or upload your HTML email template.

Once added you can select it from the Email Template drop down list.

Defining which field we are to use for emailing

To let us know which of your captured fields you want us to send the email to, simply choose the field from your available fields in your form. Note that only fields of the data type “email” will appear in this list, so make sure when you are adding your fields to your form that you also don’t forget to choose which data type each field maps to, this can come in handy later on for syncing data to your CRM or for purposes like this when we want to send an email to a specific field.


Adding Personalisation to your Emails

To add any personlisation into your confirmation emails, you can simply use the name of your form field encapsulated with a curly brace on either side. So for example if you created a field and called it “Friends email” then you would simply use {Friends email} within your confirmation email’s subject line or email body and then whatever the user entered into that field would appear.

Below is a quick screenshot showing you where you would add the name of the field option.

Also note that we have mapped this particular field as an “Email Address” field as mentioned in the step above.


And that’s it! It’s as simple as that to setup confirmation emails on any webform.