How to Send Data to Autopilot

30 Nov 1999

Funraisin supports the ability to send data to Autopilot without any need for a developer.

We recommend Campaign Monitor or MailChimp over Autopilot when a site has many live events. Autopilot is best suited for sites that have one live event.
Campaign Monitor or MailChimp are list-based tools so we can sync specific data for an event to a specific list as custom fields are defined per list.
In Autopilot, the same custom fields are used across lists. If an entrant is registered in many events and their contact was added to a list with an event filter, we can’t ensure that values for Amount Raised won’t be overwritten with data for another event.

Data sent every hour:

  • Donations Data
  • Fundraisers Data

Data sent as submissions are made:

  • Webforms Data

Platform Configuration

Select eCRM Platform

To send any web form data to your Autopilot account you first need to define which platform you want to use in Funraisin. Jump into your Platform Settings and choose which eCRM platform you wish to use from the drop-down menu.

Enter your API details

To send data you first need to grab your account’s API key and paste the API Key field in Autopilot > Config.


Syncing Donation and Fundraising Data

Define the data source for the platform

In Autopilot > Config, you can enable whether it should send data for donors and fundraisers. You should select an event to filter fundraiser data in case there are fundraisers taking part in multiple events. These settings will determine which contacts (and details) are synced to Autopilot.

Define the data source for lists

You can select a data source for a list and activate it to move contacts (that have already synced) to the list.

Map custom fields

By default, name and email addresses are sent to Autopilot. To send additional information to your list you can create custom fields in Autopilot and then map to values in Funraisin.

Each field can then be mapped to data that we hold in the Map Fields area of the Autopilot module such as gender as well as event-specific information such as fundraising target, etc.

Activate it!

Once you've got everything ready to go - submit a support ticket and we'll start the sync for you on the server. This only needs to be done the first time.
The sync takes place every hour so you should start seeing data in Autopilot after the sync has been kicked off.

Syncing Webform Data

Choose the list to send data to

Jump into the web form you want to send data from and under the eCRM settings choose from your available lists

Setup your fields

Once you have specified which list you want to send data to, you can go ahead and create or edit your fields and you will be able to choose from your list of available fields in your list to send data to.

You should set “email address” as the data type of the web form field that should be synced as the email address of the contact.

And that’s it for syncing webforms. Go ahead and submit your web form from any of your pages and you should start seeing data in your list straight away.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.