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Creating an Image Carousel

An image carousel is a container of images that can automatically rotate through content. It allows you to add multiple images for supporters to scroll through.

The below article will guide you through creating a carousel for images, however, a carousel can house any content blocks so can be used for text blocks or combinations.

The below video and instructions will guide you using Classic Builder.

Alternatively, jump down to instructions using Visual Builder. 

Adding a carousel using Classic Builder

Select carousel as your content type to begin.

Once chosen, from the -Choose Content Type- dropdown list, select Image and then Add Content Block.

Click to expand

A window will open where you can add and adjust the image. The image can either be uploaded directly, or selected from your media library. If creating a carousel of images, please ensure the images are the same height so that they align, or choose to resize when uploading. There's also the option to add in a URL to link the to if the image is clicked on.

Within the Settings tab on the left you can left, right or centrally align the image using the Alignment dropdown.

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Once you have added a few images in, you can start looking at your carousel setting. Edit the content block itself to open this up. You can set the number of visible slides, make the images autoplay and display arrows or dots for rotating between carousel images. 

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The above process can be repeated to add more images. Each image will be displayed as a tab at the top. You can change the name of each tab by selecting it > Clicking edit > Settings > Tab Title.

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Visual Builder

If using Visual Builder, add a new section, choose one column and select Carousel.

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Once selected, it will automatically open up the right-hand editing window, and have one Text block in your carousel. If not using text, delete this slide and Save changes.

Now, hover over your carousel, and select the + icon in the right-hand corner. This will bring up the same content block select as the above screenshot. Choose Image, and the right-hand editing window will open. You can upload an image, or select one from your media library. You can also add in a URL if you'd like your image to link somewhere. Once added, hit Save and you have your first carousel slide.

You can continue repeating the above to add more and more slides to your carousel. 

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Once you've added all the images to your carousel, hover over your carousel, and click on the pen icon in the top left-hand corner.

This will open the editing window where you can define the settings for the carousel as a whole.

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Open up the Settings tab, where you can choose how many slides of your carousel display at any time, if it automatically rotates and if you'd like arrows added to the left and right.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.