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How does an admin setup an Organisation?

Follow this guide to manually create Organisations from within the admin.

For some events, especially those events where corporates are involved in fundraising, it can be useful to have a level of grouping above that of the teams. Organisations allow this by sitting one level above teams in the hierarchy, so multiple teams can be grouped together. 

This article will cover how to create an organisation from within the admin, but we have further support articles on:

Key terms:

Organisations: a super-team that can be created that consists of both individuals and teams for a given event. 

Teams: a group that can be created that consists of individuals for a given event. 

Setting up an organisation in the Funraisin platform is simple.

The first step is to select the Organisation Pages option in the left-hand back navigation, and then select the blue + New Organisation button in the white central navigation menu.

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The second step is to fill out as many fields as possible in the Create Organisation screen that has opened up.

Once these fields are filled out to your liking, you can select the blue Save button at the top of the page.

Please see below the screenshot for a description of each field.

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Field Definitions:

the status of the Organisation record. We recommend going with Active, so that you won't need to change this later unless you find errors in the entered data elsewhere.

Organisation Name (mandatory): the name of the Organisation for which you are creating this record.

Organisation URL (mandatory): this will be the URL slug of the Organisation page you create, eg, if your organisation is XYZ Charity, the URL entered here should be either xyz-charity or xyzcharity.

Organisation Goal: this will be the cumulative dollar value for the fundraising goal of the Organisation and its teams and individuals.

Distance Goal: this will be the cumulative kilometre value for the distance target of the Organisation and its teams and individuals.

Business Number: the organisations ABN, or another number by which your charity identifies the Organisation.

Industry: the industry in which the Organisation operates.

Website: the internet address of the Organisation's webpage.

Public: the field to determine whether or not you want this Organisation to be joined freely from the fundraising page or not.

Passcode: the field in which to enter a passcode if you wish the team to only be joined with a passcode.

CRM ID: the ID of this Organisation in your linked CRM system (this is usually updated automatically once the data has synced, but can be entered manually, also).

Category: if you have another level of categorisation that you use for individuals, teams, and organisations, it can be placed here.

Event(mandatory): you will need to assign this Organisation to a specific event, you can do so from this dropdown field.

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The final step is to save the new organisation record with the blue Save button at the top of the screen.

You have now created a new organisation record in your Funraisin platform!


Organisations require an entrant to be added to them and set as captain before the fundraising page will become live on the website.

Doing this is exactly the same process as adding an entrant to a team and assigning them as the team captain, so we have provided links to these articles below;

Step 1: Adding an entrant to a team

Step 2: How to assign a new team captain

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.