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Tracking your event performance

Here's our recommended reports to best track your event performance.

Want to analyse how your events are performing but not sure what to track? We've pulled together which reports and data fields we find helpful to manage your fundraiser activity and the total raised.

  • Fundraiser Report
  • Donation Report
  • Key fields

Fundraiser Report

The Fundraiser Report Template has 18 standard fields that provide basic personal data on the fundraiser such as: First & Last Name, Full Address, Gender and DOB.

Let's say for example your event has the following aspects:

  • It’s an active challenge (walk, run, cycle)
  • Registrants are different types (adult, child)
  • There’s a registration fee to enter
  • You have an option to create/join a team
  • Event takes place on a certain day

You can build on your Fundraiser report by adding additional fields that will highlight the key information you want to know. Here are some suggestions of the data fields we think will help you get the most out of your event data.

Key fields:

Is Active - This will show you how many people have created a fundraising page and the ‘Number of Donations Received’ column will tell you if they are actively fundraising. For example, if you have 20 fundraisers who are 'Active' and 4 have received a donation, you can report that 20% of the active participants are currently engaged with their page. If ‘Is Active’ shows ‘N’, it means they don't have a fundraising page and have either abandoned registration, or they’ve been invited and not followed the link to complete their registration.

Team Name - This will confirm if an entrant has registered for your event as part of a team, if this was an available option. You could use this information to work out how many of your overall participants are actually part of a team or are taking part as individuals.

Fundraising Target - This will show you the individual target amounts that your entrants have set for their fundraising page. You can use this data to gauge how ambitious your supporters are and see if they are following the targets you are setting. You can also segment to higher than average vs default targets in your email triggers.

Amount Raised - This will show you the total amount that has been raised by each fundraising page. If you add a filter to include only active participants and highlight the amounts within your spreadsheet, you will see the average amount your active fundraisers are achieving.

Self Donated & Personal Donation - This column will tell you if an entrant has made a donation to their own page or not and the personal donation field will show the amount. If you have utilized gamification badges, you can use this data to see how many of your entrants earned their ‘Personal Donation’ badge.

Profile Picture - This will show if an entrant has uploaded a profile picture to their fundraising page. If you have utilized gamification badges, you can use this data to see how many of your overall entrants have earned a badge by engaging with their page and uploading a picture.

Shared Page - This will show if the entrant has shared their page via the social buttons. You can use this data to see if entrants are sharing their page with their family and friends and tailor supporter journeys around this insight. 

Distance Achieved / Steps Achieved / Hours Achieved - If you have a challenge event with a target element, you can use this data to see if people have reached the target set -especially if you are using gamification badges as milestones (e.g. 5k target reached, 1000 Steps Walked, 10hrs Achieved, etc).

Donation Report

The Donation Report Template has 25 standard fields such as:

Donors First & Last Name, Address, Event Code, Donation Amount and Fees.

To report on how well your event is performing you would likely want to know a few key things, such as:

  • Total Amount the campaign has raised (online and offline)
  • The biggest day/week for received donations
  • The number of donations that have been made throughout your campaign
  • What has been raised during acquisition, during the campaign/event and post event/campaign.

To make sure you have accurate information to gain the above insights, we suggest you use the donation report template, but also build on the report by adding a few additional fields.

Key fields:

Donation Amount - This will tell you how much has been donated and by using the sum function within excel, you can see the overall total that has been raised so far.

Date Paid - This tells you the date the donation was made and is helpful for you to use when you want to work out the biggest day or week your campaign received donations.

Fundraiser First & Last Name - This will tell you which fundraiser the donor has sponsored. So now you have details of the person making the payment and also of the person taking part in the event.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.