Manage Sub-Navigation for you Page Menu's

by LA - Customer Success Manager 30 Nov 1999

Main (Primary & Sticky) Navigation

Subnav Type - Standard Drop down is the most common. For more details on how to add pages to your drop-down menus, see below.

Subnav source -

  • Manually Created: Choosing this option will allow you to manually add links- choose this if you’d like to link to an external page.
  • Linked to Pages: This will show all pages assigned to this page and will only show pages that have “Display as Subnav” ticked on their page settings.

Sub Navigation at a Page Level

Mega Nav - Display if the Page Assignment is a Main (Primary/Sticky) Navigation link

Secondary Nav - Display on the page’s Secondary Navigation 

Title to Appear (Optional) - Alternative text to display on all navigation instead of the page name.

Nav Position - Display the secondary navigation as a bar under the header, or to the left of the content

Top sub-navigation

Left side navigation

Adding Drop Downs

Dropdowns are an extension of your main navigation- to allow quick navigation for any other related pages to your navigation.

*Please note that sub-navigation/drop-down menus are currently only available for Primary Navigation and Sticky Navigation.

Pages that you’d like to display in a sub menu must be assigned to the Page that is displayed on the Primary/Secondary Nav e.g. if you’d like to display the “Our Work” page under the “About Us” Menu item, you would assign the “Our Work” page to the “About Us” Page. 

  • Edit Page > Page Settings > Enter the name of the parent page in the Assigned To textbox
  • Mega Nav > Yes, display in Primary nav dropdown.