</> Developers Guide to Funraisin

From the very outset Funraisin has been designed to be as flexible as possible both in what can be achieved using the admin interface itself and what can be achieved through custom development.

This guide is intended for developers and will try to cover off exactly what is possible on a standard Funraisin site from a developer’s point of view.

Technology Overview

Every Funraisin powered website is it’s own standalone platform served from one of our servers as a virtual host, no one site is related to or connected to another site in anyway. Each site is served from a Linux / Apache web server and connects to a standalone Maria DB database running of an AWS RDS instance. All emails are sent via MailGun and all uploaded media is stored in AWS CloudFront, front end caching is a mix of memcache using a dedicated memcache server and file based caching.

Funraisin itself is built in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework version 3.1.13 and PHP version 8.2 at the time of writing. Front end templates are built using Bootstrap v3.4.1.

Each site’s file structure is connected back to a core file structure via Symlinked files which allows us to maintain each site easily simply by updating the core files and these updates occur daily, often hourly.

The majority of a site’s files can be edited which when done means that the edited file gets disconnected from the core to ensure that changes aren’t overwritten by any of our updates. Any file can easily be put back into the core on request.

Front End

Every Funraisin site is built using Bootstrap, version 3.4.1 and Jquery version 3.5.1, Jquery UI 1.12.1 at the time of writing. Each site consists of completely separate Mobile and Desktop templates allowing you to create truly custom device specific experiences.

The Funraisin Admin allows you to control almost every aspect of the front end either directly by editing the templates, or by allowing you to add JS/CSS/PHP to pages.


All Funraisin sites are hosted on privately managed servers with the location of the server dependent on the site. For Australian based sites AWS Sydney is used, for EU based sites we use AWS ireland and for US/Canada based sites we use AWS Virginia and AWS Central Canada. We also have some sites on RackSpace also in the US.

Direct server access is restricted to select Funraisin staff only. All other site access is via the Funraisin admin.