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Triggers - Email & SMS

Set up automated fundraising triggers that can be triggered throughout the fundraising journey of a campaign 

What is it?

Event triggers are automated emails or SMS that will send based on a user's achievement. For example, if they've reached 100% of their fundraising goal.

What are the benefits of using it?

Allows for a more engaging experience and offers incentives to entrants which in turn can increase the life cycle for the campaign. 

Creating a Trigger

Fundraising triggers can be created at the platform level so they apply to all events, or you can have specific triggers for certain events or even specific DIY themes.

To create at Platform level, navigate to:

Platform Setup > Triggers

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To create for a specific event, navigate to the event:

Advanced Options > Triggers

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Hit New Trigger and the below screen will be presented. 

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Let's run through the settings:

Trigger Status: Choose from active or in-active. When in-active, it will not trigger.

Trigger Name: For your own reference only.

Language (optional): Used for multi-lingual sites only

Trigger When: Several different actions can set off a trigger. These include:

  • When a fundraiser or team raises funds
  • When a fundraiser receives a donation
  • When a fundraiser or team logs fitness activity
  • When a fundraiser interacts with their page (uploads profile pic, adds blog post...)

Trigger Value: Linked to the above option, allowing you to define a value. E.g. Member raises amount = 100. This would trigger when the fundraiser reaches $100 of fundraising on their page. (Note that the unit of measurement [$, KM, % etc.] is not needed in the trigger value.)

Trigger Type: Choose from Email or SMS

Choose to assign the trigger to a specific event or DIY theme or you can choose to make it global to the entire site.

After saving your trigger you will see a screen with all of your triggers listed, like below. This screen will give you a brief overview of each trigger so you can quickly see it's status and how many have been sent out.

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Starting & stopping Triggers

Once your trigger has been created and is active it will be sent as soon as someone next conducts an action that meets the criteria of your trigger.

To stop or pause a trigger simply edit it and change its status to inactive and that will stop any more being sent for that trigger.

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Seeing who has received a Trigger

You can see how has received which trigger at any time easily simply by going back into the Triggers section, selecting the trigger and then hitting Download Selected at the bottom of the page.

You can also get this information by editing the trigger and then choosing Entrant History along the top. A list of those who have received it will appear, and you can hit Download History at the bottom of the page. 

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You can check whether an entrant has received a trigger by:

Going to the entrant record > Interactions > Triggers

Any Triggers that have been received, will appear in a list.

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Configuring SMS for SMS Triggers

If you want to make use of SMS triggers you will need to configure your site to be able to send SMS messages. You can use this guide to set up your site's SMS.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.