Adding Gamification Badges

Add Gamification badges to your fundraiser's individual and team pages, that trigger based on an action or achievement.

What is it?

Gamification badges are customised icons/badges that are triggered by milestones or achievements that are reached by teams or individuals and appear on fundraising pages. 

What are the benefits of using it?

Gamification on fundraising pages can help facilitate healthy fundraising and act as an incentive for teams and individuals 

Enabling Gamification

The use of gamification badges can be enabled on both individual and team fundraising pages. To enable gamification go to:

Platform Setup > Fundraising Options > select either Individuals or Teams > scroll down to the Gamification tab.

Tick the checkbox to enable gamification, rename the section if you wish and define the layout. The default number is 6 for desktop and 2 for mobile.

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Adding Badges

Badges can be added at Platform level, Event level and within a DIY theme.

  • Platform level: Will apply to all online events
  • Event level: Will only apply to that specific event and override anything set at platform level
  • DIY theme: Will only apply to pages created within that theme

Adding Badges at the Platform Level

Navigate to:

Platform Setup > Fundraising options >  Individuals > Add New Badge

If you'd like to add for a team page, toggle to the Teams tab.

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Clicking on the Add New Badge button will load up a screen like below where you can define your reward settings with the following options.

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Badge Name
Just for your own reference

Badge Type
Choose from displaying the badge on an Individual or Team fundraising page

This is what we are actually rewarding on e.g. Reached a certain amount, created a team, etc.

Action Value
Some actions support a value e.g. $100 for having raised a certain amount or reaching 4 team members

Off Image
Upload an image that appears when the above criteria haven't yet been met

On Image
Upload an image when the reward has been given

Optional Link
An optional link for logged in users if they click on the badge it can take them to a specific page. Used for showing them how to actually obtain the badge.

Optional Copy
The optional message that sits below the image

Optional Event or DIY Theme
You can optionally assign the badge to either an event or a DIY theme.

Click Save Changes and your badge will be created, allowing you to create another. You can have as many badges as you like though we'd suggest keeping them to a minimum for display purposes, especially on mobile devices.

Adding Badges at the Event Level for Online Event

To add badges to a specific event go to:

Event >  Advanced Options > Gamification.

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Adding Badges at the DIY Theme Level

Navigate to DIY Fundraising > edit the theme > Advanced Options > Gamification.

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The End Result

Once your badges have been created and enabled your fundraising pages should look something similar to the example below.

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Advanced Tips

Having gamification badges on fundraising pages are a great way to promote healthy fundraising, however, you might also want to consider matching up your reward badges with Fundraising Triggers so you can let the fundraiser know when they have earned a badge.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.