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Registration - Entry Forms

Set up multiple registration forms to target specific users.

What is it?

When managing online events you are able to create unlimited registration forms allowing you to create customised registration flows for your entrants.

What are the benefits of using it?

This allows you to manage registrations on your site by creating journeys for different entrant types. For example, create a registration flow for individuals and then a different flow for team captains. Or you may want to create a registration flow for schools or businesses, adding in things like merchandise that you might not want for other entrants. For each of these flows you can assign a entrant type which can be reported on to identify which flow the entrant went through.

How To Set Up Entry Forms For Online Events

You’ll need to already have your Online Event already set up. Head to the Events module and then into Online Events. Click the edit icon of the event you wish to add the entry forms to. 

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Once into the event, in your middle navigation choose Entry Forms. When you first create an online event, by default we generate one entry form called Default. You can edit this entry form to change the name, URL, and all the registration options within that form. The default form can not be deleted.

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Add Form

Click the edit icon of the form you wish to make changes to, or click the blue Add Form button to create a new entry form for this event. You will get the following screen after selecting Add Form 

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From here you can give the form a name, assign an entrant type and select the steps that you want to be displayed for this registration form.

Form options

Give the entry form a name and enter the entrant Type – a quick reference for you to know which form is which.  Here you’ll also see the URL. You can copy this URL and paste it anywhere on your site (in text, on a button, etc) that you want people to click through to in order to begin their registration using this entry form flow.

You’ll see multiple steps below the Manage Entry Form section. These steps (with the exception of the first step) can be enabled or disabled.  Steps shown in white are auto-enabled and steps greyed out are disabled by default.

The first step is required in order to capture the personal details of the member registering and can not be disabled.

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Clicking on each step will open a lightbox window with 3 tabs for navigation:

Form Settings: This is where you can turn on or off form fields, make fields mandatory, customise your opt-in text and much more.  You’re also able to edit the Tab Title (the name of the step which appears within the registration flow).

Optional Content:  Here you can add additional copy, imagery, video, and more to the top of that step in the registration flow. For example, you could add something along the lines of “Tell us a little about yourself by completing the details below. All entries received by DD/MM/YYYY will go into the draw to win!”. You get the idea.

Additional Fields: If you would like to capture any data in addition to the preset fields for this (and each further) step of the entry form, you can choose to pull in a web form to that step. Learn how to create a web form in our support article.

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We'd advise testing all of the registration forms you set up, and also ensure the data you're capturing is pulling through to your fundraiser reports.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.