Connecting Webhooks

30 Nov 1999

Use webhooks to automate data flow from the platfrom to your API

What is it?

Webhook is the ability for you to have certain data from your site sent to the location of your choosing, in as close to real-time as possible.

What are the benefits of it?

Capture and send data as soon as it becomes available, webhooks can be set to trigger for certain user interactions (donations, registrations) or actions.

Setting up your Webhooks

Webhooks are part of the developer's module which is available on all Funraisin sites. To create a webhook simply:

Navigate to Funraisin > Developer > Webhooks.

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Click on the New webhook button and you will be shown a screen like the one below.  Create your new webhook using the following options:

Name Just a name for your own reference

Data Source Each webhook is linked to a data source so we know exactly what data to send you. Options are Donation, Fundraiser, Team, Event, Shop, Raffle

Action Once you have chosen your data source you will be able to choose from a selection of actions that are specific to your data source. Available options are

Donation Donated Updated donation

Fundraiser Created account Started event Updated event Registered Updated account

Team Created team Updated team

Event Created event (DIY) Updated event

Shop Purchased product

Raffle Purchased raffle

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Method Currently only POST is available Destination Url This is the URL of the endpoint to which you want us to deliver the payload.  

Payload Format

Once a webhook has been set up it will be live and will start sending data to the destination url as soon as the right criteria are met on your site. The format of the data sent will be in JSON format and the field structure will relate to the data source being requested, so a data source of "donation" will provide you with a complete donation object in the exact same format as what you can access via the API. {"donation_id":"1234","event_id":"1","team_id":"10","member_id":"1234",etc}

Multi-step Payloads

Note that you will only receive a single record based on the data source that you choose, e.g. team, donation, fundraiser etc. If you are wanting to get access to data throughout a multi-step process such as registering for an event then you would need to setup multiple webhooks with different actions that relate to each step. An example for setting up a webhook for fundraisers to get access to all the data through the registration process you would setup the following webhooks. Fundraiser > Account Created - this would send the participant object Fundraiser > Started Event - this would send the participant's event object Team > Created (optional) - this would send the team object Fundraiser > Registered - this would send the participant's event object This would then result in up to 4 payloads being sent to your destination url.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.