How to Remove an entrant from a team

30 Nov 1999

Remove entrants from a team or change the team they are in. 

What is it?

Through your site admin, you can add, remove or replace team members within a team.

What are the benefits of using it?

It allows flexibility when entrants join the wrong team or request to move to another.

There are usually two scenarios when removing or moving an entrant from a team.

  1. They want to be moved from Team A to Team B
  2. They want to be removed from Team A

Both scenarios by default have different outcomes for their existing donations.

Scenario 1 - Entrant is moved from Team A to Team B

This is the more common of the two scenarios and can only be done by an admin from within the CMS.

When an entrant is moved from one team to another, you can also tick a box, Move donations to new team, to ensure the money they've raised on their fundraising page contributes to their new team total. In doing so, the donations won't contribute to their old teams fundraising total.

Follow the steps below to move a team member between teams.

Step 1

Navigate to:

Entrants > Locate the entrant > Click to edit the entrant using the pen and pad icon

If you know the entrant's name/email, then you can also search for them using the search function within the admi.

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Step 2

From within the entrants' profile, head to the right-hand side of the page and click on the blue button labeled Edit this event.

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Step 3

This opens a popup, with details relating to their current event.

From within the team drop-down, select the new team, and also tick the box Move donations to new team, then Save.

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Scenario 2 - Entrant is removed from Team A

When an entrant is removed from a team (and not moved into another team) by default their donations are still attributed to the team they were in. Historically some entrants want their donations to stay with the team as donors have donated to them based on their team. Others would rather the donations be removed from the team altogether. 

Follow the steps below to remove and entrant from a team, and also unassign individual donations from the team.

Step 1

Following the steps in the previous example, select the top option from the team dropdown: N/A, and save. 

To update their donations, from within the entrant's profile, select Donations in the white navigation.

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Step 2

Use the pen and pad icon to edit one of the donations. Once open, select Donation Details in the white navigation. This section provides details of who the donation is assigned to. Check the Team Sponsored dropdown, and ensure this is changed to -Select Team-. This is the default setting, and then save.

Note: If -Select Team- is already selected you still must save the page to unassign the donation.

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If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.