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Supported Payment Types

Whilst credit card is the most common payment method, Funraisin supports a few others.

Whilst most donors and entrants will pay using credit cards when making a payment on your fundraising platform, we support a few other payment methods.

Within your donation and transaction reports, you can pull in the payment method used by selecting the field Payment Method from the dropdown. Important to note that whilst we can identify the payment method, we do not store payment details.

So what are the options?

Credit Card

By far the most common way to make a payment, credit cards are accepted on all platforms. All credit card payments will be processed by Stripe.

Top Tip: Donors and entrants can enter from overseas using a foreign credit card but need to ensure they correctly enter all their details, e.g. billing postcode to reduce any friction. As a charity, the payment will come through in your local currency, but the payee's bank will dictate the conversion rate they are charged and any fees associated.


If you’d like to accept payments via PayPal then you can enable this on your platform and add in your charity PayPal keys. Once enabled, PayPal will be a payment option on registration forms and for sponsored donations. You can choose to enable on a donation or crowdfunding page within the Payment Settings tab. More information on how to enable this can be found in this support article.

Apple Pay

To make payments easier for Apple users, Apple Pay can be enabled on the platform. Payment made via Apple Pay will be processed by Stripe, and appear within your Stripe account. You will first need to set up in Stripe and then enable on the platform. More information on how to set this up can be found in this support article. Important to note, that Apple Pay will only appear as an option when users are on an Apple mobile device using Safari.


A common payment method in The Netherlands, iDeal can be enabled in Platform Setup for Euro-based platforms. When selected, the payee is taken to an iDeal owned page to choose their bank and then confirm a transfer of funds to the charity.


If your platform has Facebook Fundraising+ enabled, then donations made on Facebook will have a Payment method of Facebook.

There are also a few other options that may appear in your reports which you can see in the below image. These options; Cheque, MasterPass, Credit Note, GiroPay, EFT and Other are available to select when adding an offline donation to assist with your reporting.

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More information on how to set up your donation and transaction reports can be found in this support article.

If you'd like further support, please pop in a support ticket from your platform and our team will assist you.