Funraisin caters for three types of Events:

1. Online Events:

These are peer-to-peer (P2P) events which you as an administrator create and a supporter joins. Whether you’re using Funraisin to power a single flagship event or as a multi-event hub, Online Events are where you create, edit and maintain your event information.  Fundraisers who register for an Online Event will have a fundraising profile page.

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2.  Offline Events:

Offline Events allow you to sell tickets to physical events. Funraisin enables you to set various different entry methods for Offline Events including Registration, RSVP and Buy Tickets .

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3. DIY Events:

These are events which a fundraiser creates on your site themselves. As an administrator you’re not able to create a DIY Fundraising event which a fundraiser can join (that would be an Online Event), you’re simply able to keep a track of all DIY Events that fundraisers have created to support them along their journey.

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