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When it comes to high-performing and engaging content, our team of seasoned designers and template creators have your back - especially when it comes to charity and fundraising related content. This is arguably the most fun part of Visual Builder, giving you power to simply select from any of our pre-made templates and have them immediately appear within your page.

This tutorial will take you through how you can benefit from the templates available within the Visual Builder, how you can Save your own custom templates to be used throughout your entire Platform, and which templates you should be taking advantage of - not to mention that more templates will be continually released.

What are Section Templates, and why should I use them?

Section Templates are entire pre-built Sections, awaiting to be updated with your content. They are the quickest and easiest way to build out pages, even if you have a specific or elaborate design in mind. It doesn’t take much effort to tweak a template and have it appear completely unique, in-line and on brand with your charity organisation or initiative.

What templates are available?

Saved - When you decide to save templates they will appear right here, no matter what page you're on - ready to be reused as you wish.

Hero - Designed to be big and bold.

Statistics - Keep your audience informed with how your event is progressing.

Content - We know that your content can come in all shapes and sizes, so we made these templates to help make the creation of your content as easy as possible. 

Fundraisers - Feature and showcase the Fundraisers.

Leaderboards - Celebrate the frontrunners and those that are making exceptional contributions toward your good cause.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions are a great way to inform and educate your audience, in a clean, simple and succinct way.

Forms - Capture data via online forms.

Video - Arguably one the most engaging pieces of content, these Sections have been designed to showcase and hero your video.

Testimonials - Share messages of support with your audience.

Socials - Make it easy for your audience to share and follow your initiative.

Dark vs Light

light_mode Light mode - These templates have been optimised to appear better on lighter backgrounds

dark_mode Dark mode - You guessed it, these templates have been optimised to appear better on darker backgrounds

Saving a Section Template

On any Section, when you hover over the Tab - you will notice the Save icon. This will enable you Save your Section as a Template for future-use.

Are you ready to learn more?

We hope that this article has helped you understand how Templates can be used from within Visual Builder.

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If you have any questions and are unable to find the answers through our Visual Builder Support Articles, then please reach out to our amazing Support Team who will be happy to help you out!