Enabling Google Login

by Scott Dilley - CTO 30 Nov 1999

Enabling Google Login

To use Single Sign on with Google you will need to first setup some things within your Google Console

These instructions can als be found at https://developers.google.com/identity/gsi/web/guides/get-google-api-clientid

Create a Google Project

Login to your Google Console (https://console.developers.google.com/apis) and create a new API Project for your website simply by giving it a name. Once the project has been created click into the Oauth Consent Screen section, this is where you can control the settings around what the end user sees when they go to login with Google, such as your company name, logo etc

When asked to choose your "scopes" simply choose the first 3 options which are email, profile and openid. For authorised domain just add in the domain of your website, excluding any www or sub-domain. E.g. For this site you are on now we would simply use "funraisin.co"

Once you have gone through all the steps you can then click into "Credentials" from the left nav and then create a new credentail making sure to choose "OAuth Client ID". Then choose "web application" and then under "Authorized JavaScript origins" add the full url for your site e.g. https://suppport.funraisin.co

After you hiit save you will be presented with a screen giving you a Client ID and a Secret which you can add to your platform under Platform Setup > General Settings > Apps Settings