Using QR Codes for event registration and check-in

30 Nov 1999

QR codes allow for easy on site check in and check out system on your Funraisin platform. A unique Check In URL and QR code is generated when an entrant creates an account on your site.

These QR codes can be included in the registration receipts for the entrant to present at an event to be scanned by a staff member with any smart device with a camera, a QR code scanning application and internet access.

Adding QR codes to registration receipts

When an entrant has completed their registration, they are sent an automated email confirming their registration, this is the ideal place to attach the QR code. 

To add QR codes to a registration receipt there are two personalisation tag

  • embeds an image into the email
  • embeds a link to the email

You edit the registration receipt in the platform setup under “Automated Emails” or if you have an event-specific version, you can edit the event's version under the events advanced options.

The entrant will receive the registration receipt with a link to the QR code which they can present to staff at the event to check in and check out.

Using QR codes at an event

Once an entrant enters and exits an event and their QR code is scanned, the staff member is sent to a unique webpage. By default, the page shows only a check in or check out button and basic profile info.

When the staff member clicks the check in and check out buttons, the entrants’ entrance and arrival times are date and time stamped for detailed information on attendance.

Viewing Check In and Check Out details

When you are viewing an entrants list of events, click the pad and pen icon to view their event details. 

At the bottom of the list on the left is a section titled event check in. This will show if the entrant has checked in and out as well as the specific times and dates. 

The QR code is shown as well as a button to go directly to the entrants' unique check in URL. 

Other ways to use QR codes

QR codes can be synced into marketing automation tools that Funraisin integrates with such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and Autopilot. They can also be included in data exports if physical printed versions are necessary for your event.

To use a QR code in an email through a system such as Campaign Monitor create an image tag with a source made up of multiple elements of data. 

[Domain]/funraisin/generateqrcode/[MemberEventID]/[Optional image size 1-10]

If you would like the link included in a data export please submit a support ticket to have this added to your report. 

To include the check in and check out information in your data exports look for the following fields in a fundraisers report:

  • Has Checked-In
  • Check-In Date
  • Has Checked-Out
  • Check-Out Date

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.