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Password Reset Quicklink

Provide entrants with a unique link to reset their password.

What is it?

A unique link that can be generated from each members profile within the admin, allowing them to reset their password.

What can I do with it?

Quickly generate a unique password reset link for entrants' to use.

To allow participants to reset their password without receiving a system-generated email we have enabled a Password Reset Quicklink in the Admin.

This link takes them directly to a personal password reset page.

Search using the entrant's name or email address and then click on the edit icon for the entrant.

You’ll find the password reset quick link in the Personal Details screen.  Right-click and copy this link, then paste it into an email and send the link to the entrant. Please do not click the link. 

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Your participant can then enter their new password via the page and can log in with it straight away and start fundraising!

The forgotten password link can also be downloaded in a Fundraiser report from the platform if you require a bulk list of reset links for multiple entrants.

Checking participant's email interactions

On the platform we track email sends and opens of most emails sent from the platform to participants.

This refers to transactional emails such as Registration Receipt, Forgotten Password, and New Team Member etc. 

This doesn’t include your marketing communications sent by 3rd party platforms such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, or AutoPilot etc

To access this information for an entrant, search using the entrant's name or email address, click on the edit icon for the entrant, then click on Interactions in the white middle navigation.

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All emails in the list have been sent, with the date and time stamp in the far right column.

If the participant has opened the email a Y will be shown, and an N if they have not yet opened the email.

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Re-send an email

You can resend an email by clicking on the edit icon – a lightbox will open with the email details, here you can update the email address if required and re-send.

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If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.