Merge an entrant's account records

28 Jun 2019

If you have a participant who has more than one account under different email addresses, you can combine them to show their event history, profile page information and donations in just one record. Please note that:

  • To do this, both entrant profiles should be active
  • Once completed, this is NOT REVERSIBLE 

To merge profiles, find the email address of the entrants you would like to merge. You can do this by:

  • Going to the Entrants module and select the Edit icon for the required entrant
  • In the middle white navigation with the title Entrants Options, select Personal Details
  • Scroll down to Personal Details and email address on the right-hand side

Do this for the two records you want to merge, and then decide which entrant record you want to keep. Considerations for this are:

  • The URL for the entrant you delete will no longer exist, so if the entrant has shared one of the pages, keep this one
  • Any donations on the record you delete will be moved to the new entrant but as a new event. If they entered the same event twice, you will need to manually reassign donations, so remove the record that has fewer donations to reassign

After determining the two email addresses, navigate to Funraisin > Entrants > Advanced Options > Merge Entrants.

You will see two fields where you should enter the email address of the two entrant records. 

Read the instructions, and note that:

  • The event history and donations of the first entrant will be added to the second and the record will then be deleted
  • Any event history and donations of the second entrant record will be added (not replaced by the first record)

Merge the records by typing in the email of the record you want to merge until a dropdown with options appears - then select the correct email from the dropdown.

Do this for both entrant records.

Then click the Merge button. If your merge is successful, you will see the message ‘Success entrant has been merged’ and the record you merged will now have the events and donations of the second entrant.

Please note some information like donations may take 15 mins to appear on the fundraising page of the account that is being kept.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.