Facebook Fundraiser+ Set Up

Getting Started

In order to support Facebook Fundraising on your website you must first be registered for Facebook's Non-profit pages.

You can find out more about that here:

If you already support the ability to accept donations on your Facebook page then you are halfway there, if not then you will need to signup on the above link first before you can proceed.

Verified Accounts

You must also make sure that your Facebook business account is verified.

You can read more on how to get verified here:

Please keep in mind that verifying your business can take up to several weeks as you will have to provide specific information to Facebook and wait for their approvals.

Installing your App

Once you are verified the next step is to associate your website's Facebook APP with your Facebook page.

Pop in a support ticket and the team will be able to take care of this. Before doing so, ensure you add Scott and Luka to your Facebook business account so they can set this up. 

Alternatively, the steps are listed out below. 

Step 1: Login to your Business account

Visit to login to your business account and then navigate to:

Settings > More Business Settings > then under Accounts > Apps > choose to Connect an APP ID.

To Find your APP ID simply log in to Funraisin and navigate to:

Platform Setup > Apps Settings > and you should see at the very top of the page your FB APP ID.

Paste this ID into the field in Facebook.

Note: this will only work once your site is live

Step 2: Applying for Facebook Fundraiser Access

Once your Organisation has been verified and the app has been added to your Facebook page, we can log a request on your behalf to gain access to the Facebook Fundraiser API.

This currently takes between 2-4 weeks for Facebook to grant access.

Reporting and Reconciliation

Almost immediately after donations are made within Facebook to fundraisers they will appear in Funraisin with a donation type of "facebook", we will also create a Transaction record with a payment type of "facebook" for the amount that was donated via Facebook.

The only data we get access to is the amount and to whom the donation was donated to (the fundraiser), we don't get any payment information or personal information of the donor so any reconciliation will need to be handled from within your Facebook business manager account.