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Setting up Donation Reminders

30 Nov 1999

Setting up Donation Reminders

Boost your donor conversion rate with Donation Reminders. When a donor interacts with a donation form but moves off the page without completing the donation a friendly pop up is displayed to encourage the user to complete the donation. Donation Reminders can be turned on to appear after leaving a donation or an individual fundraising page.

Setting up Donation Reminders

Reminders can be set up by going to platform set up > donation defaults > reminders. Here you will see two types of reminders:

1. Donation Page Reminder: These are displayed after a user interacts with the donation form and navigates to another page on your site without completing it.

2. Fundraising Page Donation Reminder: These are displayed after a user interacts with the donation form on an individual fundraising page and navigates to another page on your site without completing it.

A default image and text has been set up for both reminder types so you can simply turn it on using the toggle and see it in action.

Reminders have two CTA buttons:

Donate: This will take the user back to the donation form they started making the donation on.

Maybe later/ X to close:
This will hide the reminder for the remaining user session and be hidden for the rest of the day. ‘Maybe later’ appears on desktop. On mobile a X button is shown in the top right corner.

These CTA buttons will use your primary and secondary button settings. You can find these by going to platform set up > design set up > colours & styles

Personalising your Donation Reminders

You can upload an image and choose a message to appear within the donation reminder.

When using the default text for a donation reminder the amount the user has selected will appear in the message: Complete your $X gift to make a difference

Fundraising Page Donation Reminders will use the profile image the individual fundraiser has uploaded if they have uploaded one. If they are using the default image the image you select will be used. Sponsored Donation Reminders have the ability to add additional personalisation tags. You can view the available tags by clicking on ‘personalisation tag’ link.

Once you are happy with your selection simply click save and your changes will be published. 

Reminders logic

We have set up Donation Reminders with the following logic to ensure the pop up shows at the right time.
  • When a user selects ‘Maybe later’ the Donation Reminder is hidden for the remaining time they are browsing your site and won’t appear again that day.
  • Donation Reminders won’t display on other donation pages. This means if a user goes between an individual fundraising page and a donation page it won’t be displayed.
  • Donation Reminders won’t display when a user is logged in. This is for users logged in as both a fundraiser or a donor.

And that’s it! If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.