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Adding a New Admin

Manage your Funraisin admins by adding new users to your platform. 

What is it? 

An admin is someone who has access to your Funraisin platform admin. Depending on their access rights, they can manage your entrants, events and donations.

Who is it most useful for?

Your team leader who will be setting up team members on the platform.

Key terms:

Admin User Type: A customised selection of modules that a user can access on the platform.

Admin User: A team member who has access to manage your Funraisin platform.

Administrator: An admin user who has full access to all modules to manage on your platform.

You can control who from your team has access to your Funraisin platform by adding new team members or archiving those who have left. Adding new team members is quick to do and there is no limit on how many can be added.

Adding a new administrator

To add a new admin to your platform, head to the Accounts module.

Here you’ll see a list of all the admins that have been set up. Click the + New User blue button to begin entering the details of your new site admin.

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You'll land on the settings tab where you can enter the name and email address of your new admin.

To give full access to all modules within your platform, make sure the User type dropdown is set to Administrator. More information on managing administrator access and user types can be found here.

Change the Results per page to 35 so your new admin will see 35 records per table listing – that's a recommended number of records to be displayed.

Then below, set their password. When they first log in they'll be prompted to update this.

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Limiting Access by Module

By default, when you add a new user, their admin user type will be set to Administrator which grants access to all modules on your platform. If you’d like your new admin to only have access to certain modules, then you can select their user type from the right-hand dropdown.

Admin user types allow you to create customised access rights depending on your team members' needs, limiting the number of modules they can access and edit. 

We have a support article on how to create custom admin user types here.

Make sure to allow 'Publish Pages' and 'Access to Support' so that the user can save their changes and contact us through the support system within the platform.

What to do when a team member leaves - Archiving an admin user

If a colleague leaves your organisation, you can archive their admin account. This will ensure their account is no longer active, however, it will still provide historical records of updates they may have made. We do not advise deleting past admin users. 

Why do you not delete them? When an admin user makes an update, for example, manually making a fundraiser active, we store a log against that record. It will list which admin user made that update and when. If the admin user is deleted, then it will simply say 'unknown user.'

To archive an admin, you just need to edit their admin account and change them from 'Active' to 'Archived' and save.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.