You can add new staff members to the Admin area of the platform.

To add a new admin to your platform, head to the User Admin module. Here you’ll see all the admins that have been setup. Click the Create New User blue button to begin entering the details of your new site admin.

You’ll land on the Settings tab where you can specific the name, email address and user type of your new admin.

Full Access to Admin

To give full access to all modules within your platform, tick the Admin Access tickbox. Change the Results per page to 50 so your new admin will see 50 records per table listing – thats a nice number of records to be displayed. Then below, set their password.

Limiting Access by Module

If you’d like your new admin to only have access to certain modules, in your middle navigation, click Add New User Type. This will display all the modules available in your platform. Simply click each module you’d like  this new user type to have access to. For example, many organisations like to setup a Finance user type and assign Donations, Entrants and Audit Trail as the modules.

If you’d like a hand setting up user types or new admins, drop us a ticket in your Funraisin Helpdesk!