Funraisin comes with the ability to send out simple triggered messages based on things like amounts raised or distances logged. You can create as many triggers as you like and they are a great way to reward your fundraisers for getting to various stages of their fundraising.

This article will show you how to setup a few of the more commonly used triggers.

Trigger Types

Currently there are 2 types of triggers which are Email or SMS.

If you want to use SMS triggers you will need to create an account at and load up your account with some credit after purchasing a phone number. Costs are pretty small, currently for Australian messages it’s around 6cents per message.

What you can trigger from

There are several different things that can be used to send a triggered message from. These are:

  • When a member or team raises over a specific amount
  • When a member or team reach a percentage of their fundraising targets
  • When a donor donates over a specific amount
  • When a member logs over a specific distance in kms
  • When a member has reached a percentage of their distance goals (kms)

Creating a Trigger

All triggers are event specific, so to create a trigger just go and edit which event you want to add it on in Funraisin > Events and then choose Triggers from the left menu.

As you create triggers they will be listed here letting you know what triggers you have setup and how many have been actioned.

Go ahead and click on the “Add Trigger” button to create your new trigger.

Give your trigger a meaningful name so you know what it is and choose whether you want to send an Email or SMS. You can also choose from the available trigger reasons in the drop down list, I will just choose the more common one which is to send a triggered email when a fundraiser raises over a certain amount.

In the Trigger value field put in the amount you want this trigger to check on for it to send the message. Let’s choose 50% of fundraising target.

Add your message

The next step is to add in the message that you want the fundraiser to receive. Since we have chosen an Email as the trigger type, we are asked to enter in an email subject line and our email body content. We can also choose to use one of our html email templates.

You can add in any personalisation into both the subject field and body copy field and a list of personalisation codes is displayed to the right in case you are new to them.


And that’s it! You’ve just created your first email trigger. Now as soon as any fundraiser taking part in this event, hits 50% of their fundraisig target or more, they will receive a message of thanks!