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Enabling Apple Pay

What is it?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service by Apple Inc. supported on Apple devices that allows users to make payments on the web.

Who is it most useful for?

Charities using Stripe as their payment gateway are able to enable Apple Pay on all mobile payment forms allowing mobile users to quickly access their stored payment details rather than having to manually type them out each time.

What can I do with it?

Apple Pay works anywhere that accepts contactless payments.

What are its benefits?

  • Allows easy, secure, and private transactions in stores, in apps, and on the web.
  • No additional charges.

Key terms:

Stripe: payment processing software

Domain name: the name of a website

Important: Apple Pay is now available on iOS versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Learn more.

Enabling Apple Pay

To enable Apple Pay you will need to login to your Stripe Dashboard and click into the Apple Pay section from within the Account section or by going to

Click the Add new Domain button and in the window that opens enter in the domain name(s) of the sites you wish to enable Apple Pay on. We have already uploaded the verification file to all sites so you shouldn't need to do anything other than save your changes, but if you do encounter errors please just log a support ticket and we will be able to assist.

Note: You need to enter the exact domain name that your site runs on excluding http:// or https:// so if your site runs off a sub-domain like then you would enter this.

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When this is done and has been verified by Stripe, simply login to Funraisin and navigate to:

Platform Setup > Payment Settings

Here you will be able to enable Apple Pay or feel free to log a ticket and we will be able to assist. For our international charities, we may need to assist with setting up your translations.

Once enabled, your site will automatically display a "Donate via Apple Pay" or "Pay via Apple Pay" button on your payment pages.

Donate with Pay

The below image is an example of how the Apple Pay option will appear on a payment form. 

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Accepted Cards

Currently Stripe only accept standard credit cards via Apple Pay so that means Visa, Mastercard and Amex depending on the issuing bank.

Note: Not all Australian or NZ banks support Apple Pay.

Eftpos cards are not supported.


No additional fees apply. The pricing for accepting payments via Apple Pay will be the same as if using a standard credit card since it is in fact a standard credit card transaction through Stripe. 


You will be able to identify Apple Pay transactions by using the field Payment Method in your transaction and donation reports. The field will show Apple Pay, in the same way that it shows Paypal if you are using that as a payment method.

Platforms using the multi charity feature

Please note: every charity connected to the platform will need to enable the site URL in their Stripe account before Apple Pay can be used on the platform.


The global trend is currently about 5% of all card payments are processed through Apple Pay. Learn more

Other payment methods

Currently, Funraisin supports several payment methods including credit card, Paypal, iDeal and now Apple Pay and more information can be viewed here. We continue to monitor adoption rates of others such as Google Pay.

If you'd like further support, please pop in a support ticket from your platform and our team will assist you.