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Anonymising donations

Donor's names can be hidden and displayed as Anonymous on donation tiles that appear on fundraising pages and appeals.

What is it?

As an admin, you can update a donor's name to be Anonymous.

What are the benefits of it?

This can be used to either hide a donor's identity, hide the donation, or to edit the donor's message and display name.

Make donations anonymous 

When making a donation, unless a donor has actively chosen to appear anonymous, then their name, amount, and optional message will appear on the fundraisers' page. If a donor or fundraiser contacts you to make a donation anonymous, it's easy and quick to do so.

Step 1:

First of all, find the donation to make anonymous. This can be done by searching for the donor using their name, email, or more directly, the receipt number in the search bar in the platform. Alternatively, the donation can be found by searching through the Donations module from the left-hand navigation. Once you have clicked into a donation, you will land on Personal Details

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Step 2

From here, click on Donation Details in the middle white navigation and scroll down to view Display Settings from the main window.

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Here you have the option to tick the box saying I wish to remain anonymous. By ticking this box, and then hitting Save, the donation will update on the fundraiser's page to say it is from Anonymous. Please allow 15 minutes for the page to refresh.

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Updating a donors name and message 

If a donor contacts you as they want to update the donation display name or message, then these can also be updated within the admin. For example, they may have put the donation under their name 'John Smith', but would actually like the donation to appear from 'The Smith Family.'

Navigate to Donation Details > Display Settings and update the copy in the Name on page field and Message field. Hit Save, and allow up to 15 minutes for this to update on the donor's page.

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Hiding a donation from a fundraisers page

If a donor would rather their donation and amount did not appear within a fundraisers list of donations, this can be easily removed. Navigate to Donation Details > Display Settings as above, and untick the box saying 'Yes, have this displayed on the fundraising page' and hit Save. The amount they have donated will still appear in the fundraisers total tally and progress bar, but the individual donation tile will not be listed on the page. Again, please allow up to 15 minutes for this to update on the donor's page.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.