Visual Builder Masterclass

by LA - Customer Success Manager 30 Nov 1999

Visual Builder is made for fundraising. This frontend inline editor enables you to build highly engaging experiences, in minutes.

Part 1 of the Masterclass covers fundamental design and layout principles which you and your team should be considering when building any 'great' page.

Part 2 (from 16min) of this Masterclass jumps into a live demonstration, where we build an entire page step by step - optimised for both mobile and desktop.

What you will learn

  • Principles of 'great' page design
  • Best practice in Typography, Buttons, Colour, Imagery, Spacing and Messaging
  • Structural optimisation: Sections, Columns and Blocks
  • Advanced attributes, styles and settings
  • Device optimisation
  • Templates
  • and more...

We hope you've taken away a few learnings, confirmed some of the techniques you are already using, and we look forward to seeing you in our next Masterclass!

Matt Pratley
Head of Product

Mike Dennis
Chief Creative Officer