Shop - Creating Virtual Gifts

13 Mar 2020

Virtual Gifts can be set up within the Funraisin platform to give your supporters a nice simple way of supporting your organisation while giving a friend a tax-deductible gift for a special occasion.

Some of the most common uses of Virtual Gifts are seasonal campaigns such as:


Mother's Day

Father's Day


Valentine's Day

You could also consider some 'always on' campaigns such as Wedding Gifts, Birthday cards, and Teacher Gifts.

What the purchaser sees when buying a Virtual Gift

Creating a Virtual Gift

To create a Virtual Gift head to the Shop module within the main navigation area. If you do not see this module submit a support ticket to enable it on your site. 

When you are in the shop module, click on the blue “+New Product” button.

Even though you might not consider a Virtual Gift to be the same as a merchandise item, and in many ways, they're not - they are still added to the Funraisin platform in the same Shop module. Virtual Gifts are a fully tax-deductible donation whereas merchandise attracts GST and is not tax-deductible.

You will be brought to a page where you will need to enter your Virtual Gift information.

The required items to enter are the gift name and the donation amount - and to check the box that allows the sale to create a donation receipt.

For example, setting an easily recognisable URL will make it easier for potential customers to find your product. If a URL is not set, the system will create a URL based on the product name.

Scroll a little further down the page to find delivery options, there will be three options to choose from:

  • Post
  • Download
  • Email

The email delivery option is the one to choose for Virtual Gifts - this lets you set up a customised email to send to the recipient of the gift and add an attachment that can be a pdf print and fold card or a nice certificate - the only limits here are your imaginiation.

Under the delivery options is a short and full description section, the short description is a brief overview of the product that appears on pages such as the main Shop page. The full description is for the individual products page to give a detailed explanation of the product.

Lastly is the Tags section, this lets you set some basic tags to help those finding a specific product.

When you are ready, save the product details to create the product record.

Detailing Your Virtual Gift

You will be brought to a page to edit the details and more specific information about your new product and the products page. Depending on the product delivery type, the available tabs may be different.

The product details tab will contain all the information you have already entered. 

The images tab will let you add a thumbnail image for your product, a primary image for your product page as well as some optional additional images for your product’s page.

When briefing your designer you can let them know that the images are best to be created square or landscape orientation rectangle with the following sizings - with square being the easiest option to work with.


Square Images: 800 x 800 pixels JPG at 72dpi

Rectangle Images: 800 x 1200 pixels JPG at 72 dpi

Virtual Gift Settings

This is where you add the details to the email that you want sent to the gift recipient, and the downloadable card or certificate that makes up the more tangible element of the virtual gift.

You can use the personalisation tags that are shown in the list to make the email more unique and meaningful to the person receiving it.

It's also a good idea to provide a link to your organisation's website where the gift recipient can learn more about the important work you do and may even decide to support your further.

We recommend using an A4 PDF format to create your downloadable, this can be a foldable card or a certificate - the design is completely up to you and your designer however we recommend thinking about the aspect of the recipient needing to download and print it.

The header tab is where you can set a header image for your product’s page, by default it will use the header for your sites general shop page. You have the same options for your product page’s header as you do for all your other pages on the platform.

The Social and SEO tabs let you set the imagery and copy for your page when shared on social media and search engines.

Once you've created your Virtual Gift you'll want to add it to the Shop page or a campaign landing page.

Adding Your Product To The Store Page

Now you have your product setup, you can put it on any content pages.

The system store page does not automatically show products to allow you to have merchandise not available to the general public.

You can locate the store page in two ways. 

The first is within the shop module, under advanced options is the “Shop Pages” button, within this area you can edit the page named “Shop”.

The second is via the pages module, click on the system pages tab and in the list of pages will be a page called “Shop” that you will click the edit button for.

When you have located your store page you will notice it is just like any other content page. 

If a “Shop” Content block is not already in place, click on the “Shop” content block at the bottom of the page. This will place a “Shop” content block that lets you set how your products are displayed.

Click the edit button on the “Shop” Content block to display a lightbox. 

On the right you will see a list of all of the products you have setup in the Shop. To select multiple products hold Control and Click on each item you want to display if you are on Windows or hold Command and Click if you are on Mac.

Once you have edited the store page to your needs, save and publish the page.

And that’s it! You now have your store page setup.

Here is an example of some products setup using the Hover layout.

You can add store items to any content page as you would on the store page using the same method.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your Funraisin admin and our team will assist you.