Funraisin supports the ability to send data to your Campaign Monitor account easily without any need for a developer.

The following data is able to be sent to your Campaign Monitor account with our free out-of-box integration:

Data sent every hour:

  • Donations Data
  • Fundraisers Data
  • Raffle Sales
  • Shop Sales

Data sent as submissions are made:

  • Webforms Data

Platform Configuration

Enter your API details

To send data you first need to grab your account’s API keys and paste them into the Config area of the Campaign Monitor module in Funraisin.

You will find information on where to find your API keys in the “help” section in Campaign Monitor.

Select eCRM Platform

To send any webform data to your Campaign Monitor accounts you first need to define which platform you want to use. This can be done in Funraisin in Platform Setup. Jump into your Platform Settings and choose which eCRM platform you wish to use from the drop-down menu.

Syncing Data Hourly (Fundraisers, Donors, and more)

Choose from your Lists

Once you have connected to your account with your API keys, any lists that you have will automatically be loaded into Funraisin to allow you to then sync either your Donation or Fundraiser data to specific lists.

If you don’t already have any lists in your account you can create one now straight from within Funraisin, otherwise, any lists that you have already will appear automatically.

Define what data to send

Whether you have created a new list or are going to send data to an existing one, the steps are the same. Just edit the list and choose the data source that you want to use for syncing.

You have 5 Data Sources to choose from:

  • Donations
  • Fundraisers
  • Raffle Sales
  • Shop Sales
  • Guests / Ticketholders

You can also choose from any of your events that you also want to pull data from.

If you are syncing Fundraisers/Entrants then you will need to also choose an event

Create your fields

By default, only name and email addresses are sent to Campaign Monitor. To send any more information to your list you can set up custom fields in your lists and specify what data you want us to send.

To do this just edit the list you want to sync data to and click on the Custom Fields tab. If you have any fields already in your list then you should see them here.

Each field can then be mapped to any data that we hold such as Names, Phone numbers, DOB and Gender etc as well as more dynamic information such as "has this person uploaded a photo or their personal fundraising page URL", etc.

Using the dropdown field, select from the available data fields to decide on what you want to be sent to which field. For information such as “has uploaded a photo” etc you can also define a default value which we will send across if there is nothing for us to send. If you leave this field blank and we have no data to send then nothing will be sent to that field.

Activate it!

Once you've got everything ready to go - let us know in a support ticket and we'll start the sync for you on the server. This only needs to be done the first time.

And that’s it. The sync takes place every hour so you'll start seeing data in your lists once activated. To pause any lists just jump in and edit the list and set the status to 'in-active'.

Syncing Webform Data

Choose your webform & list to send data to

Jump into whichever webform you want to send data from and under the eCRM settings choose from your available lists.

Setup your fields

Once you have specified which list you want to send data to, you can go ahead and create or edit your fields and you will be able to choose from your list of available fields in your list to send data to. If you don’t have any fields in your list you can just jump into the Campaign Monitor module and create the fields against your list and then come back to your webform and choose which fields in your webform map to which fields in your list.

And that’s it for syncing webforms. Go ahead and submit your webform from any of your pages and you should start seeing data in your list straight away!