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Google GA4 Tracking

As of July 2023 Google will start enforcing the use of it's newer GA4 tracking product, replacing the older GA methods. Funraisin has supported GA4 since 2022 and below describes the 2 options available to you for managing tracking on your Funraisin website.

Standard Method

Funraisin offers 2 methods when it comes to integrating into your GA4 tracking, the first method is called the standard method and this is by far the easiest method to use as all you really need to know is how to get your Google tracking embed code and then Funraisin will do the rest.

Paste your Google tracking embed code into the tracking code window in Funraisin > Platform Setup > Tracking and Analytics > Global Tracking Code. You will see an option for Google Analytics (GA/GTag/GA4) tracking code, simply paste the code you have been supplied by Google into this.

Then to enable the GA4 standard tracking method simply navigate to Funraisin > Platform Setup > Tracking and Analytics > Event / E-commerce Tracking and choose "GTag/GA4" from the tracking method drop down. (shown in the screenshot below)

And that is it, we will then automatically send event and e-commerce data to your Google account anytime someone donates or registers into an event etc.

Google Tag Manager

For charities using Google Tag Manager to manage their own tracking, with GA4 there is a brand new data layer that is required. This new data layer is built in to Funraisin however if you have had some of your confirmation pages or fundraising pages / dashboards modified on your site then you might need to request us to add the update to those templates since they would have missed out on our automatic updates.