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Donor Login

Donors can log in to edit their details and view or download their receipts. Unlike fundraisers, donors don't set passwords and will use links that can't be reused to access their dashboard

Every donor that donates to your platform will have a donor account created for them which is associated with their email address. This allows them to log in and view previous donations associated with that email address and download past receipts. If a regular donor, they can also update their card details. 

As a donor does not set up a password when they donate, in order to login they need to trigger an email with a unique link to login.

This article will cover:

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Donor Login Security Options

In order to allow donors to login, since they don't have accounts with passwords we need to get them to login using a secure 2 factor authentication method. The 2 methods we support are a One Time Link or a One Time Passcode.

Oone Time Links are where the donor enters their email address into the login page and we send them a unique link which is only available to be used once, as soon as it has been clicked on it will be no longer valid. Note that some mail servers have security scanning in place which pre-click each link in an email and when this happens it can disable the ability for some donors to use the one time link method. For this we also support a one Time passcode method whereby instead of sending the donor a unique link we send them a unique code.

You can choose which method you want to use under Platform Setup > Donation Defaults > Donor Login.

Donor Login Email

To receive their one-time-use link by email, a donor should enter their email address on the donor login form which can be found by using the Login navigation button, or directly at {siteurl}donorlogin

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Once their email is added, the donor will receive the Donor Login automated email. The login URL will be included with personalisation tags: {siteurl}donorlogin/history/{donation_hash}. An admin can edit the copy in the Donor Login email by going to:

Platform Setup > Automated Emails > Donor Login email

If the donor clicks on the link or copy and pastes the link into their browser, they will be redirected to the dashboard for donors. The donation hash changes after the URL is opened, so this URL in the email can only be used once.

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Dashboard for Logged-in Donor

Donors can download receipts for donations (including scheduled donations) in the My Donations tab.

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They can edit their personal details like name and address in the My Account tab.

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Once saved, changes a donor makes to their My Account section will update in the donation record within the platform.

If you’d like further help please pop in a support ticket from your admin and our team will assist you.